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January 2020

GS1 Canada is pleased to bring you the January edition of the Food for Thought newsletter. With every edition, we will bring you the latest insights, news and trends.

What’s Happening at GS1 Canada

Looking Back on 2019

Directed by industry, GS1 Canada launched new tools and enhanced existing solutions and tools to further enable data excellence, streamline business processes and better meet trading partner requirements.

Check out some of the highlights from 2019:

  • Launch of the GS1 Canada Product Certification Tool, a standardized data excellence tool that allows users to efficiently certify eCommerce Content, Nutritional Content and Pharmaceutical Content.
  • The new Learning Zone, a simplified, easier-to-navigate site that delivers a more intuitive user experience, with immediate visibility to specific content relevant to your current GS1 Canada solutions and tools.
  • A streamlined online billing system through myGS1, which provides quick and easy access to the information you need, when you need it.

In 2020, we are committed to continuously making your business needs. Visit our Coming Enhancements page to see what’s new.

Behind the Scenes of our Content Capture Services

Good business requires great content. With over 20 years of experience, GS1 Canada can help you achieve business success.

In a dedicated studio outside of Montreal, a team of professional product photographers and graphic designers work to ensure that data providers are sharing global standard images and the most accurate and reliable bilingual product data – including weights and measures, thereby meeting all Canadian trading partner and regulatory requirements.

Watch this video to for a behind the scenes look at GS1 Canada’s Content Capture studio in Montreal and learn more about our Content Capture Services and Loading Options.

New Data Recipients on TrueSource™ Dashboard

TrueSource™ Dashboard is a standardized industry data excellence tool that enables people across your organization to track product metrics for any GS1 Canada ECCnet Industry Managed Solution (IMS) you are engaged in from a centralized easy-to-navigate place.

Visible to both data providers and data recipients, TrueSource™ Dashboard creates transparency to the status of product content in the registry, enabling all trading partners to drive data excellence.

We are excited to share that the following trading partner has recently joined TrueSource™ Dashboard as a data recipient:

Federated Co-operatives Limited (FCL) is a co-operative based in Saskatoon that supports other co-operatives who serve individuals, organizations and corporations in Western Canada. FCL is a wholesaling, manufacturing, marketing and administrative co-operative that was named one of the top 500 companies in Canada and one of Saskatchewan’s top employers. FCL is owned by more than 170 independent retail co-operative associations that own and operate agricultural centres, food stores, gas bars/convenience stores and home centres with a total of 1,500 locations. Over the years, FCL has been involved in a wide variety of business ventures and has grown significantly.

Access TrueSource™ Dashboard under the My Tools section of your myGS1 landing page.

To learn more and view the full list of data recipients currently using this tool, visit the TrueSource™ Dashboard webpage.

TrueSource™ Dashboard – Guiding Your Data Excellence Journey

This standardized industry data excellence tool helps your organization identify, track and manage product metrics for any of the GS1 Canada Industry Managed Solutions you are engaged in from a centralized easy-to-navigate place. Designed to facilitate transparency between data providers and data recipients, TrueSource™ Dashboard presents your product data in easy-to-read and consume charts and tables that help you identify product gaps and opportunities.

How it Works

Use the My Trading Partner View to identify and track metrics related to the products you trade with trading partners engaged on TrueSource™ Dashboard. With visibility to content gaps that are updated regularly across all Industry Managed Solutions, TrueSource™ Dashboard enables you to manage the completion of your product content more effectively and plan strategies for your business.

In the My TrueSource™ Dashboard View, you can view the status of your product catalogue across the multiple business processes addressed by GS1 Canada’s Industry Managed Solutions. These insights can help track data excellence across your entire organization, enabling business planning and helping you better manage trading partner meetings with focused agendas on product content needs.

Get Started Today

Did you know that as a GS1 Canada subscriber, you have access to TrueSource™ Dashboard at no additional cost?

To learn more, visit the TrueSource™ Dashboard webpage.   

Employee Spotlight

Name: Melanie Barlow
Position: Senior Manager, Industry Engagement
Years at GS1 Canada: 5 years

Melanie has dedicated her career to key account management, and has also had the opportunity to focus on other areas such as hosting training seminars.

Even though no two days are the same, Melanie’s primary day to day functions include working with her team to help them meet their deliverables, maintain and nurture relationships with accounts and participating in internal product development meetings.

Since joining GS1 Canada, Melanie has been immersed into the world of barcodes and standards, which is something she took completely for granted as a consumer – even though they have always been part of her life.

She completed her education at L’Institut Agro-Alimentaire de Saint-Hyacinthe where she received her degree in Agriculture with a speciality in Animal Nutrition and Agro Environmental Crop Strategies.

On a personal level, Melanie is inspired by many people and is in awe of how resilient people can be in the face of adversity. As a French Canadian, food is a big part of her heritage and she enjoys sharing good food with people, especially if she doesn’t have to be the one doing the cooking!

Industry News

The Certified Plant Based Program is Now Available in Canada!

According to a Nielsen report, the Canadian plant-based foods market was valued at $412M at the end of 2018, showing a fast growth of 11% as compared to 2017.

In response to the rising popularity of plant-based foods in Canada, coupled with increasing customer demand for a more regulated market, on December 18, 2019, Plant-Based Foods of Canada (PBFC) announced the launch of the Certified Plant Based Program, a certification system specific to Canada.

As Leslie Ewing, PBFC Executive Director explains, "The Certified Plant-Based seal will increase consumer confidence and help consumers looking to include more plant-based options in their diets to easily identify these products”.

The Certified Plant-Based protocol is owned by the U.S.-based Plant Based Foods Association (PBFA). It defines plant-based foods, making it easy for consumers to choose a finished product that consists of ingredients derived from plants including vegetables, fruits, whole grains, nuts, seeds and/or legumes, supporting transparency and a clear standard for industry to follow when making a plant-based declaration.

According to Michele Simon, Executive Director of the Plant Based Foods Association, “The program has already received significant positive response, with major brands and retailers adopting the seal to give consumers confidence in the plant-based label.”

With the introduction of this program, the plant-based food and beverage market is undoubtably poised to continue to experience exponential growth.

Learn more about the Certified Plant Based program here:

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