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July 2020

GS1 Canada is pleased to bring you the July edition of the Food for Thought newsletter. With every edition, we bring you the latest insights, news and trends.

What’s Happening at GS1 Canada

GS1 Canada Product Recall Enhancements - Product Recalls Made Better with Improved ECCnet Recall Solution

Planogram Content

The health of a business depends greatly on its reputation. ECCnet Recall helps support reputation management by helping ensure that the recall details are verified and shared across all trading partners in a quick and efficient manner.

On July 24th, 2020, all the organizations using GS1 Canada’s ECCnet Recall solution have received two important enhancements that can significantly help reduce the required steps to issue recall related notifications, further streamlining processes and saving time.

  • Recipient Management
    This new feature allows grouping and storing recipients according to product recall needs, making it easier to effortlessly manage notifications – no matter how broad the audience.
  • Electronic Signature Compliancy
    In alignment with industry’s best practices for the secure transmission and validation of recall notifications, initiators and approvers are now required to complete a pre-authentication step to be eligible to submit notifications. This step is significant to ensure the authenticity and integrity of recall notifications, allowing the right information to be shared with the right trading partners at the right time.

Creating Effective Planograms Just Got Easier

Planogram Content

A planogram is a visual representation of a retailer’s products or services on display, indicating the placement of retail products on shelves in an effort to maximize sales. Planograms are a popular and effective tool to increase sales for a given product by planning for how it will be displayed in stores.

GS1 Canada is here to help you make the most of the planogramming process. The Vault - GS1 Canada’s secure, online storage and distribution tool - is a central hub for organizing, managing and sharing your Planogram, Marketing and Foodservice Content.

To improve your experience searching and managing your extracts, the following enhancements have been added to The Vault:

  • Category Captain Functionality
    The new Category Captain function allows you to be included in the planning of retailer shelves, by allowing you to search, view and download all public Planogram content. This functionality greatly improves your Planogram experience through improved search, faster speed, larger download capability and the ability to do Category Captain work in the same place as your Planogram catalogue resides.
  • Product Category Filtering
    You can now filter your searches by product category and easily download the result of your search. This new functionality saves you time and means you don’t have to sort the extract manually. Category extracts are no longer limited to 100 products, making is easier to get what you need to build planograms.

ECCnet Planogram Content solution captures the standardized bilingual product images and precise packaging weights and dimensions your trading partners require, so you can confidently develop accurate in-store planograms, helping to drive product engagement and increase sales.

To ensure you have the best user experience, we continually focus on your feedback to bring you ongoing product improvements. Learn more about The Vault now.

What’s Happening at GS1 Global

GS1 Helping Industry Accelerate Digital Transformation

Connected consumers expect more, and better product information to make their buying decisions. They’re always on the lookout for total brand transparency and are going beyond the label to get enhanced information. Trusted, quality data shared between trading partners means safer products for consumers and provides them with the data they’re looking for.

Unique, persistent identification of products with quality data is essential. GS1 is developing standards, solutions and services to bridge the gaps and accelerate today’s digital transformation.

Watch this video from GS1 Global’s Chief Operating Officer, Renaud de Barbuat, about the role identification and data sharing play in reliable product information.

Your Questions Answered

Business Tips

Q: What’s the difference between a GTIN and a barcode?

A: GTINs - or Global Trade Identification Numbers – are the unique product identification numbers seen below most barcodes.

The GTIN is the unique number that identifies your product anywhere in the world, whereas the barcode is the symbology that holds the unique data associated with your product. For more information about how to get a GTIN and barcode your products, visit


Employee Spotlight

Fast Track Rookie Winner - Tendai Chakabuda

Every year, GS1 Canada presents the Fast Track Rookie award to an employee who has joined the organization within the last 12 months, embodies GS1 Canada’s core values, goes above and beyond to support colleagues and their team, and super serves our subscribers!

Congratulations to our most recent Fast Track Rookie winner - Tendai Chakabuda, a Senior Business Analyst in our Product Management Office.

Before coming to GS1 Canada, Tendai was a Senior Business Analysis Consultant in the IT consulting space. She holds three degrees from the University of Cape Town, South Africa, namely a Bachelor of Commerce in Information Systems, an Honors Bachelor of Social Science and a Bachelor of Social Science. She also obtained her Masters of Commerce in Information Systems from the University of Witwatersrand, South Africa. Tendai has also completed a Leadership course in Business Analysis at the University of Toronto.

At GS1 Canada, Tendai is part of one of our Subscriber Experience teams and is focused on Subscriber Lifecycle Management. This team works on understanding the pain points and problems that subscribers face. She works on organizing and prioritizing the team’s backlog, as well as their roadmap for the year.

Tendai compares working at GS1 Canada to her university days because she learns something new every day. Among the most important lessons Tendai has learned since joining GS1 Canada include the value the organization brings to the supply chain as a result of our focus on standards and data excellence.

Tendai is inspired by people who work hard and defy the odds to succeed. Outside of work, some of Tendai’s favourites include indulging in Alfredo pasta, binging on documentaries and anything purple.

Industry News

Consumers Shopping Behaviours Are Changing

Consumers Shopping Behaviours Are Changing

According to a survey completed by Dalhousie University, in partnership with Angus Reid, consumers are changing their grocery shopping habits and turning to online platforms to purchase their groceries during the pandemic. Among those surveyed, 64% of respondents said they still shop in grocery stores, but not as often as before the pandemic. It also showed that 5% of Canadians are purchasing all their groceries online. Sylvain Charlebois, Scientific Director, Agri-Food Analytics Lab Faculty of Agriculture, Dalhousie University, noted “The industry is going virtual and [the pandemic] will accelerate the pace.”

The survey also indicated that the changes in consumer habits due to the pandemic are permanent. In fact, 9% of Canadians intend to order food online regularly, compared to less than 2% before the pandemic; 6% intend to use food delivery apps more often, and 2% are planning to order meal kits more often after the pandemic.

For more information, read the full article here.

Five Summer BBQ Favourites

Summer BBQ Favourites

Summer is here – and even though this summer doesn’t look quite like what we are used to, it’s still the perfect opportunity to enjoy some timeless favourites.

Check out these savoury summer BBQ favourites.


  1. Buttery baked corn on the cob
  2. Worcestershire-Glazed Burgers
  3. Tofu Peanut Satay and Cucumber Skewers
  4. 5 Ingredient Spanish Sangria
  5. Grilled Chocolate Banana Foil Pack

Upcoming Events

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and the newest measures implemented, many industry events have been cancelled, rescheduled, postponed or have gone virtual.

We will continue to bring you updates on important industry events.

September 10 – 13, 2020
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

RCC STORE Conference
September 14 – 15, 2020
Toronto, ON, Canada

SIAL Canada
September 29 – October 1, 2020
Montreal, QC, Canada

GS1 Canada’s Recent Product Enhancements

As part of our commitment to improving our subscriber experience and deliver to industry needs, we are continually committed to enhancing and improving our solutions and tools.

Recent Enhancements

ECCnet Registry was updated to support data completeness and data accuracy in alignment with Canadian industry requirements across Pharmacy, Grocery and Foodservice and included the addition of new attributes and certain previous optional attributes redefined as mandatory.

Additional enhancements include:

  • Continued global standards alignment with the Global Data Synchronization Network (GDSN), enabling data synchronization with global trading partners.
  • User interface enhancements to improve user experience.

Product Certification for Nutritional Content and Pharmaceutical Content has been enhanced to align with ECCnet Registry updates and now include more descriptive attributes that enable the sharing of more detailed product information with trading partners.

To learn more about recent and upcoming enhancements, click here.

Join a Work Group!

Feedback and input from our users, including the ongoing review of attributes and solution requirements, are key elements in ensuring solutions continue to deliver value to subscribers and meet industry needs.

Every GS1 Canada subscriber has an opportunity to represent industry interests through active participation in a community workgroup.

Visit for more information.

Got Questions?

Got Questions?

Your questions on your GS1 Canada account, barcodes, product images and more answered!

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