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May 2018

GS1 Canada is pleased to provide you with the spring edition of our Food for Thought newsletter. With every edition, we will bring you the latest insights, news and trends impacting the sector and your business.

What’s Happening at GS1 Canada

SIAL Canada 2018 Highlights

GS1 Canada was a proud exhibitor and presenter at SIAL Canada 2018, which took place in Montreal this year. While at the show, representatives from GS1 Canada met with a wide variety of people involved in the grocery and foodservice industries to answer questions and help explain how GS1 Canada can help their business.

On top of our presence on the show floor, we also hosted two presentations discussing timely industry topics.

One of the presentations was given by Charmaine Kuran from Health Canada and Daniel Clark from GS1 Canada’s Montreal office (and SIAL’s designated “Barcode Guru”), where they highlighted the implications around the increase in consumer demand for visibility and transparency around ingredients in the products we consume.

Their presentation, Building Trust and Transparency in the Age of Changing Consumer Demands, particularly focused on Health Canada’s initiative to reduce sodium, it discussed how ingredients are presented on the label and how nutritional facts table are presented for increased, easier visibility.

The second presentation was given by GS1 Canada experts Michel Boucher and Melanie Barlow, providing insights on how Grocery and Foodservice manufacturers can navigate the Canadian market.

Using real-world experiences as examples, the presentation highlighted the importance of identifying products with GS1 identifiers and barcodes and meeting Canadian trading partners needs for high-quality images and bilingual content.

SmartLabel™ Extract – Coming Soon

To facilitate Canadian manufacturers’ participation in FCPC’s SmartLabel™ initiative, GS1 Canada is launching a new, value-added SmartLabel™ Extract service, providing the product content you have already certified for faster, more efficient development of your SmartLabel™ consumer webpages. Having already invested the time and resources in ensuring quality data, you can now use also that content to populate your content in SmartLabel™.

Leveraging the same content also ensures you are maintaining data quality and consistency for your products across all platforms.

Because GS1 Canada knows what data SmartLabel™ requires, we can extract and organize data to SmartLabel™ specifications in a format that is already prepared for integration into SmartLabel™ consumer webpage templates.

SmartLabel™ Extract uses certified data from the ECCnet Nutritional Content (for food products) and ECCnet eCommerce Content (for non-food products) registries, and offers flexible extract options for your to receive your data extract, such as downloadable files or API feed.

TrueSource™ Dashboard – Coming Soon

Good business is driven by great data. We are excited to announce the latest enhancements to TrueSource™ Dashboard, a standardized industry data excellence tool that enables trading partner collaboration to achieve a 100% accurate and complete product catalogue that can be relied upon to fuel critical business processes by enabling you to easily view your product status and quickly identify content gaps. This visibility helps to facilitate efficient meeting preparation, product planning and swift issue resolution as it relates to data excellence, business strategy and meeting trading partner and regulatory requirements.

The latest enhancements for TrueSource™ Dashboard include:

  • Two Views to Product Data for Data Providers.
    • With the new My Dashboard view, you can view the engagement, completeness and compliance of your product data, separate from trading partner needs, across key business processes related to your ECCnet Industry Managed Solutions. This helps increase data quality, increase operational efficiencies and improve business opportunities.
    • With the My Trading Partner view, you can view your data metrics against the requirements of your trading partners using TrueSource™ Dashboard, ensuring compliance with the ECCnet Industry Managed Solutions they require and improving trading partner relationships and confidence.
  • Addition of the eCommerce Content business process to provide visibility to the status of products for eCommerce readiness.
  • Enhanced content capture metrics for content-related business processes to provide increased visibility to the status of products in the content capture process.

New Data Recipients at GS1 Canada

GS1 Canada is pleased to welcome two new data recipients: Freson Market Limited and Stewart Foodservice.

Freson Market Limited focuses on providing a unique Alberta food experience in all their 15 (soon to be 16) locations throughout Alberta. Their Fresh Market concept focuses on three simple beliefs: that really great quality food matters, it's the little things that count, and the belief in the value of human connections. Their focus on natural sourdough, fresh Alberta meat, home cooking, legendary in-store made products, and healthy choice options is how they do things differently, maybe even better than the rest.

Stewart Foodservice is a customer-driven, full-line, Canadian owned foodservice distributor operating in Ontario. They offer the best products, invest in a well-stocked warehouse, computer systems and infrastructure to deliver a quality customer experience. Stewart’s is the right size with the right experts to keep the focus on individual customers and their needs.

Upcoming Events

Join GS1 Canada at Retail Council of Canada’s STORE Conference and Gala

GS1 Canada is a proud supporter of the Retail Council of Canada’s STORE Conference, which runs from May 29-30, 2018 at the Toronto Congress Centre, North Building. GS1 representatives will be on the conference floor to answer your questions about how global supply chain standards can help you build your business.

The conference culminates with the Canadian Grand Prix New Product Awards Gala, where Cindy Lee, Founder of T&T Supermarkets and Tina Lee, CEO of T&T Supermarkets, will be honoured with the industry’s Trailblazer Lifetime Achievement Award.

Visit the RCC website to purchase tickets to the event.

RCC member discounts are offered to all GS1 Canada subscribers. Simply select the member rates when purchasing tickets.

Learning Spotlight

GS1 Canada
Learning Zone

Based on feedback we have received from subscribers like you, GS1 Canada has streamlined our Content Capture Service Request processes to provide a faster, more intuitive user experience.

We’ve been integrating more of our content capture process into the Content Capture Service Request tool and giving you great flexibility to schedule product submissions.

To help you get familiar with the updated process, here are training modules from the GS1 Canada Learning Zone:

To further help with content capture requests, here are some tips for consideration:

  • Remember to let GS1 Canada know if you need refrigeration or freezer space for your products and schedule them with plenty of notice to ensure there is available space. Group similar storage type products in the same service request.
  • Because product packaging can get damaged during shipping, please send two product samples to help increase the likelihood of unblemished packaging arriving in Montreal
  • Make sure to include your shipping manifest with your products and that everything listed on the manifest is included in your shipment
  • When submitting and scheduling a service request, group your product submissions based on when they will be shipped. Only one shipment week can be applied for each content capture request

New Resources for the Grocery and Foodservice Sectors

GS1 Canada has a variety of materials designed to help set your business up for success. Our Supplier Excellence Checklist will help you navigate your way to launching your business or streamlining your business processes to operate more efficiently.

Get Started With GS1 Canada

Top 6 Most Commonly Fraudulent Food Products

According to a 2017 study performed by Dalhousie University, food fraud continues to be a growing concern amongst Canadian shoppers. Here are the top commonly fraudulent food products:

  • Olive Oil
  • Parmesan Cheese
  • Seafood
  • Honey
  • Coffee
  • Saffron


Coming Enhancements

In order to provide value to our subscribers, we upgrade and enhance our tools and services on an ongoing basis to help increase operational efficiency and improve business process issues.

Here is the list of the tools and services seeing enhancements in Q2 2018:

  • ECCnet Registry
  • Content Capture Submission Process (Including the Content Capture Service Request Tool)
  • TrueSource™ Dashboard
  • ECCnet Recall
  • Product Certification

Read more about all of our upcoming enhancements.

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