Our Governance

As an industry-directed association, GS1 Canada has a robust governance structure with a variety of boards, councils, committees and workgroups including a Board of Governors and five industry sector boards, each with distinct roles and responsibilities.

These groups are made up of a cross-section of subject matter experts from Canada’s business landscape, designed to represent trading partners and organizations of all scale across our sectors, including brand owners, manufacturers, broker/distributors, retailers, operators, pharmacies, hospitals, industry associations and industry advisors, all providing the expertise needed to guide our work.

Our governance structure ensures that we are continuously able to support organizations of all sizes as a neutral partner, driving the industry forward as a whole by addressing non-competitive issues through the implementation of non-proprietary standards and solutions.

Leading GS1 Canada’s efforts are CEO Art Smith, President Eileen Mac Donald and a team of senior executives.

Board of Governors

Our Board of Governors oversees the financial and strategic direction for the organization. It also oversees the management of our five sector boards.

Sector Boards

Our sector boards represent organizations of all types and sizes and are composed of industry leaders across a variety of companies.

Councils and Committees

Our councils and committees are composed of senior leaders and business experts from Canadian industry.


Our Leadership Team

Founder and CEO Art Smith, President Eileen Mac Donald and our senior executive team lead GS1 Canada.

Community Management

Through collaboration with our councils, committees and work groups we develop non-competitive solutions to support the sectors we serve. Find out more about our unique community management role.

Get Involved

Feedback from our users is critical in ensuring we continue to deliver value to industry and the sectors we serve. Find out more about how you can get involved in our work groups, technical groups, task groups and focus groups.