Our Industry Boards

Each of GS1 Canada’s boards are an integral part of our robust governance structure. They are composed of industry leaders who are committed to the adoption of GS1 global standards.

Each of our four boards identify strategic initiatives and address non-competitive issues through the implementation of non-proprietary standards and solutions.

  • To identify and recommend strategic initiatives that address Canadian industry sector specific business requirements in the value chain.
  • To advocate GS1 standards and services.
  • To represent and address the sectors or channels in which their organization operates.
  • To direct and sponsor their organization’s participation in GS1 Canada committees, work groups and initiatives.
  • To develop a business plan that addresses industry specific business requirements and define solutions for implementation by the Canadian community based on GS1 global standards.
  • To ensure strategies can be adopted by both multinational organizations as well as small to medium enterprises.
  • To ensure that all standard requirements are submitted to the GS1 Global Standards Management Process approval process on behalf of Canadian industry.
  • To participate in the annual GS1 Benchmarking Study.

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GS1 Canada Foodservice Board

Steve Bamford

Chief Executive Officer, Fresh Advancements
Bamford Produce

Paul Bourrie

McCormack Bourrie Sales & Marketing

Robert Eiser

Aliments LUDA Foods

Brian Emmerton

Vice President & General Manager
Complete Purchasing Services Inc. (subsidiary of Aramark)

Roger Francis

Sysco Canada

Jim Gauthier

Vice President, Marketing & Sales
Campbell Company of Canada

Pam Horvatis

Senior Vice President, Industry Relations
GS1 Canada

Jayne Hughes

Vice President, Operations
Zast Foods Corp.

Josh Kuehnbaum

Senior Vice President
Foodservice Sales and Marketing – North America
Maple Leaf Foods Inc.

Dan Lafrance

Flanagan Foodservice Inc.

Eileen Mac Donald

CEO and President
GS1 Canada

John Mulvihill

Vice President, Canadian Supply Chain
Wendy’s QSCC

Kevin Royal

Head of Foodservice
Kraft Heinz Canada

Peter Vale

Vice President, Strategic Sourcing
Recipe Unlimited Corporation

Murray Webb

Industry Advisor

GS1 Canada Grocery Board

Errol Cerit

Senior Vice President, Industry Affairs & Member Services
Food, Health & Consumer Products of Canada (FHCP)

Pam Horvatis

Senior Vice President, Industry Relations
GS1 Canada

Brenda Kirk

Senior Vice President, Merchandising
Pattison Food Group

Julia Knox

Senior Vice President, Merchandising Services and Retail
Sobeys Inc.

Frédéric Legault

Vice President, Information Systems
Metro Inc.

Jean-Philippe Letourneau

Vice President, Supply Chain Operations
L’Oréal Canada

Eileen Mac Donald

CEO and President
GS1 Canada

Gary Macdonald

Executive Leader, Canada
Whole Foods

Michel Manseau

Senior Vice President and General Manager, Consumer Business – Canada
Kruger Products

Peter Mattson

Senior Vice President, Sales
Burnbrae Farms

Tom Michaelis

President, Canada
Advantage Solutions

Leslie Nicholson

SVP Supply Chain Operations and Digital Business Transformation
Nestlé Canada

Pat Pessotto

Executive Vice President, Sustainability and Industry Relations
Longo Brothers

Mike Rinaldi

Senior Vice President Business Enablement and Enterprise Procurement
Loblaw Companies Limited

Tom Shurrie

President and Chief Executive Officer
Canadian Federation of Independent Grocers

David Singer

Thomas, Large and Singer Inc.

Danielle Thibedeau

Customer Business Development Director – Digital Commerce, Retail & Customer Operations
Unilever Canada

Lance Wade

Vice President, Customer Development
PepsiCo Foods Canada

Melody Wallis

Vice President Analytics & Insights, Technology
P&G Canada

Melinda Zoccoli

Vice President, Supplier Services and Marketing
UNFI Canada

GS1 Canada Carenet Healthcare Board

The GS1 Canada Carenet Healthcare Board identifies key strategies to help drive the healthcare sector’s adoption and implementation of GS1 global standards. Through their direction and support, GS1 Canada is empowered to help healthcare organizations respond to supply chain challenges and improve the quality, efficiency and, most importantly, safety of the healthcare industry as a whole.

Heather Arbuckle

Director, Operations

Francois Bouchard

Senior Vice President, Industry Relations and Community Engagement
GS1 Canada

Uzair Chaudhry

Canadian Vice President, Supply Chain Management
Aramark Canada

David Dumont

Vice President, Health Services
Service New Brunswick

Lorena Ferino

Senior VP, SAP Services
Mohawk Medbuy Corporation

Kendra Frey

Vice President, Materials Management
HealthPRO Procurement Services Inc.

David Loukras

Sr Executive Director, Strategic Operations - Supply Chain
Provincial Health Services Authority

Eileen Mac Donald

CEO and President
GS1 Canada

Anuj Pasrija

Vice President, Strategic Customer Group
Johnson & Johnson Inc.

Altaf Stationwala

President & Chief Executive Officer
Mackenzie Health

GS1 Canada Healthcare Pharmacy Board

The GS1 Canada Healthcare Pharmacy Board draws on expertise from across pharmacy to identify key initiatives to foster the adoption and implementation of GS1 global standards. With the board’s support and direction, GS1 Canada engages healthcare institutions and retail pharmacy organizations in supply chain standards that help improve cost efficiencies, productivity and patient safety.

Lama Abi Khaled

Executive Director, Ethics, Legal and Regulatory
Innovative Medicines Canada

Angelique Berg

President and Chief Executive Officer
Canadian Association for Pharmacy Distribution Management

Nick Boorman

Vice President
Apotex Inc.

Francois Bouchard

Senior Vice President, Industry Relations and Community Engagement
GS1 Canada

George Craigie

Senior Director, Supply Chain Data and Analytics
McKesson Canada

Erica Dalia

Vice President, Pharmaceutical Partnerships
Shoppers Drug Mart Inc.

Ally Dhalla

Senior VP, Pharmacy and Clinical, Services and Innovation
Mohawk Medbuy Corporation

Sav DiPasquale

Canadian Pharmaceutical Distribution Network

Christine Donaldson

Interim President and CEO
HealthPRO Procurement Services Inc.

Sandra Hanna

Chief Executive Officer
Neighbourhood Pharmacy Association of Canada

Jim Johnston

Vice President Pharmacy Affairs
Sobeys National Pharmacy Group

Roberta Kramchynsky

Vice President, Health Policy & Regulatory Affairs
Food & Consumer Products of Canada (FHCP)

Eileen Mac Donald

CEO and President
GS1 Canada

Yann Yehia Nachabé

Senior Director, Government and Regulatory Affairs
Jean Coutu

Jim Rama

Assistant General Manager, Pharmacy
London Drugs Limited

Jean-Philippe Simon

Vice President, Professional Affairs and Services, Professional Services - Vice-président, affaires et services professionnels, Services professionnels

Denis Tremblay

Director, Trade Relations
Pfizer Canada Inc.