ECCnet Industry Managed Solutions

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Through our unique community management role, GS1 Canada is directed by industry to solve non-competitive business process issues through the delivery of ECCnet Industry Managed Solutions.

Our global standards-based solutions meet the needs of businesses of all sizes across multiple sectors, whether looking to launch a new product, access perpetually cleansed and updated product content, or increase safety and operational efficiencies.

Our one-to-many approach ensures product data is loaded once, then efficiently shared with all trading partners from one place, at the same time. Designed to deliver optimal efficiency, our solutions contain flexible content capture, loading and sharing options, data excellence tools and premium features to meet the evolving needs of industry and the demand for increased visibility and data quality.

Our solutions are exclusively available to GS1 Canada subscribers. Use your myGS1 credentials to subscribe to any of our services or tools.

Find sector-specific solutions for your business:


General Merchandise/ Hardlines





ECCnet New Item Setup
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Our ECCnet New Item Setup solution streamlines the product listing process for all trading partners to bring products to market quickly and efficiently. Get the tools you need to seamlessly load, store, share and access the most accurate, bilingual product data.

ECCnet eCommerce Content
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Our flexible ECCnet eCommerce Content solution enables manufacturers and retailers to engage customers online, providing professional-quality, standardized images and perpetually updated, bilingual product data to drive online sales, customer satisfaction and repeat business.

ECCnet Recall
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GS1 Canada’s Recall is a web-based notification solution that maximizes the speed, accuracy and traceability of product recall communications. Recall helps increase consumer safety and mitigates risk to brand reputation when a consumer product is recalled.

ECCnet Nutritional Content
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Our ECCnet Nutritional Content solution provides access to the highest possible quality of extended nutritional information that enables product selection, menu planning, recipe creation and dietary advice in retail, foodservice and healthcare environments.

ECCnet Planogram Content
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Our ECCnet Planogram Content solution captures, stores and shares global standard product images and accurate weights and dimensions, used to design innovative in-store displays and plan optimal use of shelf space - reducing out of stocks and minimizing in-store replenishment costs.

ECCnet Marketing Content
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Our ECCnet Marketing Content solution captures, stores and shares content that highlights your products. High-quality three-dimensional images help showcase your latest packaging and grab consumer attention in advertising and marketing collateral.

ECCnet Foodservice Content
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Our ECCnet Foodservice Content solution allows you to capture, store and share the quality, standardized product images foodservice distributors and operators need for online ordering applications and electronic product catalogues, including high-resolution product case and case-content images.

ECCnet Pharmaceutical Content
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Our ECCnet Pharmaceutical Content solution provides access to the highest possible quality of extended pharmaceutical data and image content. This helps reduce the risk of potential adverse medication events and protect patients and customers by improving drug identification at the point of dispensation.

ECCnet Incident Reporting
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Our Incident Reporting solution simplifies and centralizes the process of filing incident reports with Health Canada and your trading partners, helping to ensure you stay compliant with regulatory requirements.

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