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Have confidence knowing that GS1 Canada generated barcode symbols align with global standards, ensuring a reliable source of barcode images that comply with all regulatory requirements, rules and formats and scan correctly every time.

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If you subscribed to GS1 Canada on or after December 5, 2021 use Manage My GTINs to accurately assign GTINs to your products and generate your barcodes in one central, secure location.

Types of Barcode Symbols Available

The Barcode Generator supports the following barcode formats. Find out more about these barcode types and how they're used with this handy barcode guide.

  • UPC-A
  • EAN-13
  • ITF-14
  • GS1 DataBar Expanded
  • GS1 DataBar Expanded Stacked
  • GS1-128

The tool enables users to include critical product information, such as the batch/lot numbers or expiry dates when you create a GS1-128 for ultimate traceability and transparency.

Barcode Scan Verification

Identifying potential problems with your barcodes before wide-scale production of packaging begins can help you avoid the costly risk of products being withdrawn, packaging redesigned and reprinted - all because a barcode does not scan when it should.

GS1 Canada's Barcode Scan Verification tests barcodes to ensure that they comply with global standards and on a variety of scanners (including point-of-sale scanners) to ensure that each one passes the "real-world" test, ensuring your printed barcode images can be scanned correctly every time.

To facilitate product listings, you can submit print proofs of your intended packaging in order to get a certificate for your trading partners confirming you have submitted your barcode for testing. It is recommended you also submit your final packaging to ensure your barcodes are compliant with sizing, positioning, and other global standards.

Submit Product, Print Proofs or Labels for Barcode Scan Verification  

What We Test

Barcode Scan Verification tests your barcodes for:

  • Proper location on packaging
  • Correct magnification
  • Valid quiet zones
  • Compliance between human readable portion and scanned barcode
  • Authentication of GTIN ownership
  • Scan Reflectance Profile (a graphical representation of barcode quality) including:
    • edge contrast,
    • decodeability and
    • scannability defects

Barcodes are issued a grade between A (4.0) to F (below 0.5) and passing barcodes receive a certificate of compliance. If the barcode fails, GS1 Canada will issue feedback providing direction on how to amend your barcodes.

Find Out More About Barcoding

For more information about barcodes and the symbols you may need for your business through our Barcode Standards page with links to global standards and guides on barcodes, barcode placement, printing barcodes and more.

For more information about the Barcode Generator, please review our FAQs, email us at or call us at 1.800.567.7084.

You can also take advantage of GS1 Canada's Help Library to help you decide the optimum placement, size and colour for your barcode to ensure encourage a successful scan throughout the supply chain.

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