Barcode Scan Verification

Barcode Scan Verification tests your printed barcode images to ensure that they can be scanned first time, every time.

By identifying any problems with barcodes before wide-scale production of packaging begins, brand owners can avoid the unwelcome scenario where products must be withdrawn, packaging redesigned and reprinted - all because a barcode does not scan when it should.

Barcode Scan Verification tests barcodes to ensure that they comply with global standards and on a variety of scanners (including point-of-sale scanners) to ensure that each one passes the "real-world" test.

To facilitate product listings, you can submit printing proofs of your intended packaging in order to get a certificate for your trading partners confirming you have submitted your barcode for testing. It is recommended you also submit your final packaging to ensure your barcodes are compliant with sizing, positioning and other global standards.

GS1 Canada is a certified third-party barcode verifier that complies with the Procedural Guidelines for Certification Services.

What We Test

Barcode Scan Verification tests your barcodes for:

  • Proper location on packaging
  • Correct magnification
  • Valid quiet zones
  • Compliance between human readable portion and scanned barcode
  • Authentication of GTIN ownership
  • Scan Reflectance Profile (a graphical representation of barcode quality) including:
    • edge contrast,
    • decodeability and
    • scannability defects

Barcodes are issued a grade between A (4.0) to F (below 0.5) and passing barcodes receive a certificate of compliance. If the barcode fails, GS1 Canada will issue feedback providing direction on how to amend your barcodes.

Journey of a GTIN

Step 1: Get your GS1 GTIN.
Step 2: Generate your global standard barcode symbol.
Step 3: Use your designer or printer for packaging and production.
Step 4: Verify your barcode will scan.
Step 5: Check whether you need a new GTIN for product variations.

Available Tools and Services

GTIN Assignment

The only global standard for unique product identification, get Global Trade Item Numbers for your products through GS1 Canada.

Barcode Generator

An all-in-one tool to efficiently create high-resolution barcode symbols for your GS1 GTINs.

Solution Provider Directory

Use your own designers and printers or consult our Solution Provider Directory for a list of approved solution providers.

Barcode Scan Verification

Ensure your barcodes scan correctly on a variety of retail point-of-sale scanners

GTIN Management Standard

Find out whether changes to your product or labelling require a new GTIN.

The Value of Barcode Scan Verification

Data Excellence

Our commitment to data excellence ensures bilingual product data is perpetually cleansed and updated, increasing accuracy and building trust between trading partners. By ensuring that barcodes scan correctly before packaging is finalized helps to ensure that accurate data can be accessed at every point in the supply chain.

Trusted Canadian Excellence

No matter the size of your organization, we know exactly what you have to do to meet major Canadian trading partner and regulatory requirements. Simply schedule and send your products to GS1 Canada and we will capture and distribute everything your trading partners need to sell your products online.

Increased Operational Efficiency

Save significant resources and increase consistency by replacing manual, repetitive processes and paperwork with one centralized, non-proprietary industry solution. Barcode Scan Verification helps to identify problems with printed barcodes before packaging is finalized, saving time and money associated with needing to withdraw products and redesign and reprint packaging.

Global Standards

GS1 standards create a common language to identify, capture, share and use supply chain data – ensuring important information is accessible, accurate and easy to understand.

By helping your barcode images comply with global barcode standards, Barcode Scan Verification ensures your products can be scanned anywhere in the world.

Submitting Product, Print Proofs or Labels for Barcode Scan Verification

GS1 Canada subscribers in good standing can submit products, print proofs or labels to be tested using the Barcode Scan Verification service.

  1. Access the Content Capture Service Request tool and click “Create Content Capture Service Request”. You can get access to Content Capture Service Request by registering for The Vault or eCommerce Content.
  2. Follow the onscreen instructions to create a new Barcode Scan Verification request
    • Use the calendar under “Scheduled Week” to choose the week you want to send in your print proofs, labels or products. The first day of the chosen week is Monday and is highlighted in blue.
  3. Print your Shipping Manifest by clicking the “Manifest” button
  4. Send the printed Shipping Manifest, along with your products, print proof or labels to be tested, to our Montreal studio. The shipping address is:

    GS1 Canada
    9200 boul. du Golf
    Montreal, QC
    H1J 3A1

Notes on Barcode Scan Verification

You can request Barcode Scan Verification à la carte or add it to another service, including Trading Partner Bundles; when you send your product.

You may order multiple Barcode Scan Verification tests à la carte for the same barcode on print proofs or labels. If you would like this option, you can change the quantity of tests ordered for that GTIN within the Content Capture Service Request tool.