Established in 2004, Can-Trace is a collaborative and open initiative committed to the development of traceability standards for all food products sold in Canada.

Global Traceability Information

Background Documents
GS1 Member Organizations [374 kb]
USDA Traceability Report [206 kb]
Global Standards Documents
Implementing Traceability in the Food Supply Chain [324 kb]
EAN Belgium and Luxembourg Traceability Guidelines for Fruits, Vegetables and Potatoes [324 kb]
EAN France Traceability in the Supply Chain [902 kb]
EAN International Traceability of Beef Guidelines [513 kb]
EAN International Fresh Produce Traceability Project (FPTP) Guidelines [285 kb]
EAN International Traceability of Fish Guidelines [1607 kb]
EAN Ireland Foodtrace® System (presnetation) [793 kb]
EAN Ireland and SuperValu Traceability Initiative* (video) [14766 kb]
The EU Food Law Newsletter June 2004 issue [155 kb]
Beef Traceability Case Study (Ireland) [1988 kb]
Banana Traceabilitry Guidelines (GS1, Freshfel Europe, ECBTA) [139 kb]


  • Country of Origin Labeling
    On May 13, 2002, President Bush signed into law the Farm Security and Rural Investment Act of 2002, more commonly known as the 2002 Farm Bill. One of its many initiatives requires country of origin labeling for beef, lamb, pork, fish, perishable agricultural commodities and peanuts. As described in the legislation, program implementation is the responsibility of USDA's Agricultural Marketing Service.
  • GS1 Canada
    GS1 Canada is the not-for-profit, industry-led organization that promotes and maintains global standards for the identification of goods, locations and related e-commerce communication such as bar code issuance and maintenance. As a GS1 Member Organization, GS1 Canada represents Canada in the continuing development of the global language of business.



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Can-Trace is funded in part under the Agricultural Policy Framework - a federal - provincial - territorial initiative managed by Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada


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