Established in 2004, Can-Trace is a collaborative and open initiative committed to the development of traceability standards for all food products sold in Canada.

Why Can-Trace

Can-Trace at a Glance

Can-Trace at a Glance is intended for those who are:

  • considering implementing a traceability system.
  • not familiar with traceability or traceability systems but who wish to research what is involved in implementing such a system.
  • looking for a quick reference document on traceability and Can-Trace.

Can-Trace Roadmap

During September and October 2003, Can-Trace conducted a series of consultation sessions across Canada to gather support for the initiative and to obtain feedback on:

  • whether there was a need for a voluntary industry data standard for food product traceability;
  • what key data elements a traceability data standard should include;
  • the adoption of a common harmonized approach to food product traceability; and
  • a strategy or a "roadmap" for achieving the objective.

The result was the publication of the "Roadmap 1" document in December 2003, which laid out step industry action plan to guide this ambitious undertaking.

Download Documents
Can-Trace At A Glance (Apr 2005) [404kb]
Can-Trace Roadmap (May 2005) [132 kb]



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Can-Trace is funded in part under the Agricultural Policy Framework - a federal - provincial - territorial initiative managed by Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada


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