Health & Wellness

  • Health and Life Insurance - Best-in-class medical, dental and vision coverage for employees and dependants.
    • Premiums at 100% company paid.
  • Wellness - We promote a culture of wellness through guided meditations, drop-in yoga sessions and virtual workouts. We provide employees with access to wellness resources for a personalized wellness plan. Our wellness reimbursement program is open to all employees starting at $300 reimbursable annually for an array of wellness expenses, such as ergonomic, fitness equipment, green living and more.
  • Employee and Family Assistance Plans - We partner with a provider for this free, confidential service that offers support for personal and/or work-life balance issues. It provides short-term counselling, consultation, prescriptions and referral services.
  • Short-Term and Long-Term Disability Coverage - We provide our permanent and contract employees with coverage following an illness/injury to maintain income replacement.
  • Digital Tools - Access to high-quality, multidisciplinary virtual care supporting health and wellness.


  • Retirement Savings Plan - To help you invest in your future, we provide a company match on total employee contributions up to the CRA maximum.
  • Cash Incentives - All employees are eligible for cash incentives through Guusto, our employee reward platform, as a reward for contributing to our strategic goals.
  • Education and Professional Certification Program: We reimburse permanent employees for approved courses and professional certification courses up to $1,000 annually. Professional association membership fees are also reimbursed when relevant or be required for an employee's position.

Time Away

  • Personal Time Off and Vacation - No matter how much we love our work, we all need time away. We never underestimate the value of time away from work to rest, reset and rejuvenate. All employees receive a minimum of three weeks of paid time off.
  • PREBS (personal, religious, emergency, bereavement or sick) — Days - 10 annual paid days, in addition to paid vacation days.
  • Surprise Gift Days - Throughout the year, we surprise our team with gift days off so they can enjoy extra-long weekends.

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