Get Started With GS1 Canada

Supplier Excellence Checklist

GS1 Canada can help you engage trading partners, streamline the listing process and increase visibility for your company, brand and products while meeting the requirements of Canadian industry and trading partners.

Our commitment to data excellence supports you in driving real business results. Maintaining accurate and complete data is more than just a fringe expense; data excellence helps strengthen your relationships with trading partners and consumers; driving increased loyalty and return business.

If you need assistance to set up your initial product catalogue or engage in any of GS1 Canada’s solutions, our Consulting Services is here to help. Give us a call at 1.800.567.7084 or email us at

To get started, we recommend following the steps below, depending on different trading partner requirements. Once you are set up and sharing product content with your trading partners, be sure to explore GS1 Canada’s other ECCnet Industry Managed Solutions to discover how we can help you streamline other business processes.

For more sector specific checklists click on the links below: