GS1 Canada Consulting Service

If you are just getting started, you may need a little extra help setting up your product catalogue for the first time. Or maybe you are being told by your trading partners that your product data is out of date, incomplete or doesn't meet their requirements, and don't know how to fix it.

Whatever your situation, GS1 Canada’s consulting service can help take your product data to the level of excellence your trading partners demand.

As experts in global standards, data excellence and GS1 Canada solutions, we are here to help get you started, ensure you are maximizing your business process efficiencies while meeting trading partner and regulatory requirements.

Our Consulting Service Supports:

  • Loading product catalogues
  • Data entry
  • Understanding GTIN Discrepancy Reports
  • Identifying products with data that is out of date, inaccurate or incomplete and correcting it
  • Deleting discontinued products
  • Ensuring your product data is compliant with regulatory and trading partner requirements
  • Identifying your trading partner landscape and recommending solutions to meet your current and future trading partner needs
  • Getting up and running, ensuring regulatory and trading partner compliance

GS1 Canada’s consulting service works on an hourly cost-recovery basis, meaning you only pay for the amount of support you need to get you where you need to go.

How We Can Help

GS1 Canada System Knowledge
Our consultants provide expert advice on GS1 Canada solutions, tools and services in an easy to understand manner, including identifying how each solution can be used to strengthen your business and help it grow.

Data Excellence
One of the most common frustrations expressed by trading partners is getting product data that is inaccurate, out-of-date or incomplete. Our commitment to data excellence ensures bilingual product data is perpetually cleansed and updated, increasing accuracy and building trust between trading partners.

Our one-to-many approach ensures product data is loaded once, then efficiently shared with all of your selected trading partners from one place, at the same time, across multiple sectors. By working with our consultants to get your product catalogue up-to-date, accurate and complete, you not only improve your relationship with all of your current trading partners, you also improve your business process efficiencies with future trading partners.

Trusted Canadian Industry Expertise
Have confidence in GS1 Canada’s industry knowledge and expertise gained over 40 years of delivering global standards-based solutions built by industry, for industry. Our in-house experts have experience understanding and communicating trading partner requirements for large and small businesses across multiple sectors.

How It Works

We approach consulting relationships in a phased approach:

Phase 1: Analysis
During this initial stage, we will work with you to identify what your needs are, any problems you are currently experiencing and how to solve them. At the end of this stage, we will provide an estimate of how much support you will need and the projected budget.

Phase 2: Action
During this stage, we work on the needs identified in Phase 1, either increasing your in-house expertise or taking action on your behalf. Throughout this stage you will receive regular information on what is happening, what steps are being taken and how long the work is projected to take. At the end of this stage, your initial issues will have been addressed.

Phase 3: Maintaining Excellence
During this phase, we are on call to answer any questions that arise to help you stay on top of your product data and keep delivering data excellence to your trading partners.