Good Business Requires Great Data!

Efficiently access accurate standardized and complete product data from multiple vendors - when you need it - through a primary source of truth.

Content Access Options

ECCnet New Item Setup provides two options for accessing product content to meet your business needs.

Item Centre

With Item Centre, recipients of data can quickly access, search or automatically receive the most up-to-date, bilingual, perpetually cleansed product content available. Mandatory attributes directed by industry help ensure the data being provided by trading partners meets Canadian industry and regulatory requirements.

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Features and Benefits

  • Data Quality

    Industry-directed mandatory attributes help ensure that the global standard image and data content being shared by trading partners meets your requirements for accurate and complete data. System rules and validations vary by product category and channel of distribution, including Grocery, Foodservice, General Merchandise, Pharmacy and Healthcare.

  • Global Standard Content

    Ensure consistency and quality through standardized content from all trading partners, enabling interoperability across systems, as well as visibility and traceability throughout the supply chain.

  • Perpetually Updated Data

    Any changes to industry data requirements are automatically reflected in Item Centre product attributes and validations. Subscribe to a trading partners' content to receive newly updated product information automatically, as it becomes available. You also have visibility to the history of product changes.

  • Operational Efficiency

    Access to standardized content for multiple brands from multiple trading partners through a primary source of truth helps streamline the product listing and change management processes to realize cost savings and improve speed-to-market with minimal disruption or change to your internal processes and procedures.

  • Extended Foodservice Content

    Access to extended product information and complete nutritional data specific to foodservice, including allergens and absolute values for accurate calculation of large batches. Through Item Centre, you can also access promotional content to promote products and help drive increased sales, including:

    • Cooking and preparation instructions
    • Serving suggestions
    • Packaging and storage details
    • Product benefits

    Access to product data at all product hierarchy levels including item, inner, case and pallet enables more efficient ordering, inventory management and storage requirements.

  • Streamlined Visibility to Trading Partner Data Status

    Through TrueSource™ Dashboard, a value-added data excellence tool, visibility to the status of product data for multiple vendors in one place eliminates the need for maintaining duplicate scorecards and provides insights that can be used to enhance catalogue management, optimize resource allocation, and facilitate informed business planning.

For more information or to register for Item Centre, please email or call 1.800.567.7084

ECCnet Content API

A direct API feed enables faster access to more product data and images in ECCnet Registry through a single API.

As well as product listing data, data recipients can also receive streamlined access to multiple types of industry solution content, saving time and resources and reducing integration costs.

Additional content that can be accessed using ECCnet Content API:

For more information or to register for ECCnet Content API, please email or call 1.800.567.7084