Product Image and Data Capture

Picture Perfect and Data Driven.

Professional, standardized product images and data are a necessity for online sales platforms, retail planograms, flyers, instore advertising and more. Our professional team of photographers and graphic designers capture the global standard images and bilingual product data trading partners require for these key business activities.

Not sure what types of content your trading partners need to do business with you? Our easy to use tool enables you to search an extensive list of Canadian trading partners to see the content they require to meet these business needs.

Find out more about our flexible Trading Partner Image and Data Capture Bundles and how to capture the product content you need as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible.

Getting Started

  1. Ensure you are a current GS1 Canada subscriber. If not, please subscribe now.
  2. Decide on the Trading Partner Bundle or Content that best suits your business needs and the needs of your trading partners.
  3. Visit the Content Capture Service Request page to arrange to submit your products. Do this by choosing "Create Service Request" followed by "Add Product" at which time you will see menu options to choose your desired bundle

Benefits of GS1 Canada's Content Capture Services


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