TrueSource™ Dashboard

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Good business requires great data.

TrueSource™ Dashboard is a standardized industry data excellence tool that enables people across your organization to track product metrics for any GS1 Canada Industry Managed Solutions you are engaged in from a centralized easy-to-navigate place.

Full visibility to your metrics helps ensure you can quickly identify gaps and ensure you have the 100% accurate and complete content needed to drive important business processes.

Leverage TrueSource™ Dashboard metrics to

  • Enhance content and catalogue management,
  • Optimize resources,
  • Enable business process improvements,
  • Increase meeting effectiveness and
  • Facilitate informed business planning.

TrueSource™ Dashboard can also help manage business relationships with any trading partners that are also using TrueSource™ Dashboard. With a focus in the My Trading Partners view on the specific products you trade with an individual partner, your shared view of product metrics enable open and collaborative dialogue, helps resolve issues quickly and facilitates coordinated business planning.

Track your metrics through different views:

With TrueSource™ Dashboard, you can look at your organizational metrics as a whole or through the lens of your relationship with individual trading partners.

My TrueSource™ Dashboard

See the status of your product content across multiple business processes, enabling you to track data excellence across your entire organization and enable forward planning.

My Trading Partners

Track metrics for the products you trade with specific trading partners engaged on TrueSource™ Dashboard to ensure you are providing the content they need to support your products and facilitate better trading relationships.

TrueSource™ Dashboard

Analyze multiple trading partners by business process or multiple business processes across one partner.

Partner Engagement Scores

View the history of partner engagement scores across all business processes for all trading partners or focus on individual business processes.

Learn More

Access GS1 Canada Learning Zone for online training and user guides to learn about:

  • How to use TrueSource™ Dashboard.
  • The benefits of TrueSource™ Dashboard.

Contact for information on how to gain access to TrueSource™ Dashboard.


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