About ECCnet Data Excellence
Powered by TrueSource™

All of GS1 Canada’s ECCnet Industry Managed Solutions are powered by TrueSource™, GS1 Canada’s commitment to being the one source of truth for reliable and complete product data.

As a proven global leader in data excellence, this commitment is foundational to all of our industry solutions and drives the ongoing development of data excellence tools and processes, such as Dashboard, Content Certification, Data Quality Reports (GDRs) and Category Completion Audits.

With over 200,000 annual updates, the data in our ECCnet registry can be relied upon as the most reliable, perpetually cleansed and updated content available, enabling business leaders to rely on accurate and complete bilingual data to fuel their business processes, and helping to build trust along the value chain.

Different business processes require different levels of data quality, and industry provides this direction when new industry solutions are created.

Poor data quality can have a significant impact on your trading partner relationships and the business processes that rely on accurate and complete data.

Some of these impacts include:

  • Missed listings due to incomplete data
  • Loss of Revenue
  • Misinformed business decisions
  • Errors in product/mail deliveries
  • Inventory management issues
  • Low customer satisfaction and retention
  • Low productivity
  • Higher consumption of resources
  • Invalid reports

The 5 Levels of Data Quality