Standardized Content for Digital Commerce

The influx of Canadian consumers shopping online has increased the demand for reliable product information for online sales platforms. Directed by industry's need to quickly and efficiently meet these demands, ECCnet eCommerce Content enables the seamless sharing of bilingual ecommerce images, certified product data and additional, enhanced product information between multiple trading partners from a primary source of truth.

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Data Provider (Manufacturers, Brand Owners, Brokers and Distributors)

Data Recipient (Retailers, Foodservice Distributors and Operators, Healthcare Providers)

Benefits to Your Business

  • Meet Trading Partner and Regulatory Requirements Directed by industry, ECCnet eCommerce Content ensures your image and data content meets Canadian trading partner and regulatory requirements for online platforms.
    Provide trading partners with the exact ecommerce data and images they require for their digital platforms and help eliminate potential data gaps that can lead to wasted time and missed listing opportunities.

  • Optimize Your Resources An efficient one-to-many sharing capability captures your ecommerce product content in one centralized place to share simultaneously with multiple trading partners. Communal access to the same, accurate product data saves time and money.

  • Provide Additional Product Value Provide standardized high-quality product images and complete bilingual data taken directly from your product packing. Then go beyond the label with additional marketing copy promoting unique product features and characteristics for additional details to help inform online purchase decisions.

  • Increase Operational Efficiencies Capturing high-quality standardized images and complete bilingual on-pack data can be time-consuming and labour-intensive for your organization to implement and maintain. Our comprehensive ecommerce solution addresses this need with the images and product data required to manage your product across channels, saving you time and money.

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  • Access Standardized ecommerce Product Content Directed by Canadian industry needs, ECCnet eCommerce Content enables you to conveniently access global standard high-quality ecommerce product images and brand-owner certified bilingual product data. Enjoy efficient online listing and promotion of products while taking advantage of accurate weights and dimensions required for shipping estimates.

  • Centralized Data Quickly and conveniently access current ecommerce content from one place, rather than requesting this information from trading partners individually.

  • Enhance the Shopping Experience Along with nutritional panel data, ingredients, directions of use and certification claims, additional marketing copy can be used to promote unique product features and characteristics for enhanced online shopping to inform purchase decisions.

  • Access Certified ecommerce Product Information Brand owners provide 100% accurate and complete certified ecommerce product content, giving you data confidence while also meeting your digital shelf listing requirements.

  • Maintain Brand Integrity, Build Trust Save time and costly resources by seamlessly accessing the information you need from multiple trading partners through a primary source of truth, rather than tracking and managing product information individually by trading partner.

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