The GS1 Canada Help Library

Today, trade is more complex than ever and understanding the role of standards in the supply chain can be a challenge. That’s why we created GS1 Canada’s Help Library.

This resource is informed by decades of industry experience with educational content designed to answer questions and provide guidance. Use it to improve efficiency, meet trading partner requirements, stay on top of key industry developments and comply with local and global regulations.

Welcome to GS1 Canada Help Library

The GS1 Canada Help Library acts as a central hub for your training needs with standards-based resources. Clear, step-by-step instructions teach you how to use GS1 Canada’s solutions, services and tools.

Find out how to use barcodes or perform a specific step in a GS1 Canada solution, along with many other helpful tips. Take learning to the next level with the GS1 Canada Help Library, available to subscribers through myGS1.

Professional Training and Consultation

If you need more hands-on training or in-depth help with a specific process, GS1 Canada can provide tailored education, and product demonstrations. Fill out the Custom Training Request form to begin discussing your needs.


Find out more about global standards, how they work, and how GS1 Canada is playing a critical role in representing the interests of Canadian industry at a global level.