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GS1 Canada’s Boards and Working Committees continue to work diligently to respond to the needs of Canada’s healthcare and pharmaceutical sectors. Through their collaboration and support, we are able to bring the following news about the ongoing adoption of GS1 standards.

Landmark research recommends adoption of GS1 Global Standards in healthcare for supply chain efficiency and patient safety

On October 3, researcher Dr. Anne Snowdon of the World Health Innovation Network (University of Windsor), released her new thought paper, Visibility – The New Value Proposition for Health Systems. This paper highlights how supply chain optimization and traceability can benefit healthcare system efficiency and patient safety. Dr. Snowdon specifically recommends the need for GS1 standards.

“Every country I have spoken to has shared with me that the single most important step in starting down this road of supply chain transformation in healthcare is to adopt global standards.” Said Dr Snowdon, “GS1 standards are the only ones that can transcend, not just health products, but those drugs in retail pharmacies, and food and grocery as well.”

GS1 Canada is excited to support these findings which emphasize incredible benefits to all healthcare partners along the supply chain. Through the use of GS1 standards, medications, medical devices and food products can all be tracked from point of manufacturer all the way to a specific patient outcomes.

Some of Dr. Anne Snowdon’s key research findings indicate:

For more information, including access to the thought paper and Dr. Snowdon’s presentation itself, please visit

See the role that global standards can play in increasing patient safety


GS1 Canada hosts webinar on implementing GS1 standards in MEDITECH on November 29

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Our latest webinar provides valuable information to you on how healthcare providers using MEDITECH’s Materials Management software can implement GS1 standards. We will specifically focus here on Global Location Numbers (GLN) and how they enable supply chain efficiencies.

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The Global GS1 Healthcare Conference 2016

This three-day conference took place on October 25 – 27 in Beijing. Participants here discussed how GS1 standard implementation in hospitals benefit both providers and patients.

Click here to gain access to presentations that demonstrate how the traceability of products across the healthcare supply chain eliminates counterfeit medicines, increases patient safety and complies with regulations.


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Canada – US Connected Healthcare Workshop
Washington, DC
December 14, 2016

The Canada – US Connected Health Workshop, organized by Cross-Border Health, assembles key stakeholders from the US and Canadian government to identify common priorities and with a goal to foster greater regulatory and policy coordination in connected health.

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