Health Canada Food Labelling Requirements 2021 - FAQ

1. When do the new food labelling regulations go into effect?

The transition period for the 2016 nutrition labelling changes is currently set to end on December 14, 2021. However, given the challenges imposed by COVID-19, the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) will focus its efforts on education and compliance promotion for the first year, until December 14, 2022. For more information about the regulations, click here.

2. What is the purpose of the new food labelling regulations?

These amendments will improve the nutrition facts table and list of ingredients to make them easier to understand thereby helping Canadians make informed choices. Food labels will become standardized to make the Nutrition Facts table and list of ingredients on packaged food easier for Canadians to use and understand.

3. How do subscribers learn more about the regulations?

To learn more about the regulatory requirements visit:

4. How is GS1 Canada supporting my business?

Over the past four years, GS1 Canada has been aligning our systems with the changes to nutritional content so that mandatory attributes are in place for the new regulatory requirements to help with compliance. Our systems are up-to-date to enable the flow of accurate and complete data between trading partners.

The brand owners/manufacturers can use our systems to remain compliant to regulatory requirements, enabling their business to align with trading partner business needs. The responsibility is on data providers to provide compliant data.

5. Has anything changed in how I upload or update my product content?

No, you continue to update ECCnet Registry, or Product Certification – Nutritional, with any changes to product content as you normally would.

6. If my food product label changed, what should I do?

Review the food labelling regulatory requirements (see link above) and assess changes required on product labels, then:

  1. Update product packaging and nutrition label in alignment with Health Canada guidelines,
  2. For Foodservice products update ECCnet Registry with nutritional content changes,
    1. Food Label Version = 2017
    2. Provide all relevant nutritional content
  3. For Retail Grocery products:
    1. Submit products to GS1 Canada Content Capture services to capture new product label information and images,
    2. Once updated nutritional content has been loaded to Product Certification – Nutritional:
      1. Specify Food Label Version = 2017
      2. Review and certify updated nutritional content
  4. If you maintain nutritional content in both ECCnet and Product Certification, for example products applicable to both Foodservice and Grocery channels, then do both the steps above.

7. If I re-formulated my product, what do I need to do?

You may need a new GTIN if you have re-formulated your product. To find out more, please go to and select “When to Get New GTINs – GTIN Management Standards”.

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