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In the Foodservice industry, high quality product images for both food and non-food products are essential to fuel critical business processes, including:

  • Product Information Cards (PIC)
  • Online ordering applications
  • Electronic product catalogues
  • Product sourcing

ECCnet Foodservice Content solution enables you to meet industry demand for an efficient single source for professional, standardized product images, including high-resolution images for outer and inner product case and case-content images.

To support the explosive growth of digital commerce, additional foodservice product assets can now also be shared through the new Enhanced Assets service, available through The Vault.

With increased online shopping comes increased demand for robust visuals, and Enhanced Assets enables brand owners to efficiently load, manage and share dynamic content with multiple trading partners from one location. This streamlined access to product-linked digital assets will provide trading partners with greater opportunities to influence customer buying decisions and accelerate online sales.

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