Professional Foodservice Images and Enhanced Digital Assets

ECCnet Foodservice Content enables brand owners to efficiently capture, store and share food and non-food product images. When combined with Foodservice product data loaded through ECCnet New Item Setup, enable trading partners to easily incorporate your products into customer facing applications, including:

  • Product Information Cards (PICs)
  • Online ordering applications
  • Sales and customer service platforms
  • Electronic product catalogues
  • Product sourcing
  • Digital commerce

For even greater product exposure in a burgeoning digital commerce landscape, try Enhanced Assets. Upload lifestyle images, video and other marketing content to share with multiple trading partners from one location.

Choose your role for information relevant to your business needs:

Data Provider (Manufacturers, Brand Owners, Brokers and Distributors)

Data Recipient (Retailers, Foodservice Operators and Distributors)

Benefits to Your Business

  • Standardized Content High-quality foodservice images with consistent lighting, angles and views, including product cases and case-content images, provide consistency for trading partners to easily incorporate your products into customer facing applications for sales and customer service.

  • Operational Efficiencies An efficient one-to-many capability enables you to share foodservice images with multiple operators and distributors from a central location, helping ensure trading partners are accessing the same, up-to-date foodservice images.

  • Centralized Content Management Quick and easy access in one location for all your organization's foodservice images, across multiple brands and categories, for use in your own internal advertising and sales materials, webpages, social posts, and marketing and presentation collateral.

  • Enhanced Assets A premium service, Enhanced Assets enables brand owners to efficiently load, manage and share dynamic marketing content with multiple trading partners from one location. This streamlined access to product-linked digital assets provides trading partners with greater opportunities to influence customer buying decisions and accelerate online sales.

  • Primary Source of Truth A centralized registry for foodservice images ensures you can quickly and conveniently access the up-to-date bilingual product images you need, when you need them, from a central location, ensuring you are using the most current images available.

  • Operational Efficiencies High-quality, professional foodservice images are provided with standardized lighting, views and angles, eliminating the wasted time to contact brand owners individually for compatible, professional content.

  • Streamline Your Business Visibility to the status of foodservice content for multiple vendors in one place eliminates the need for maintaining duplicate scorecards and provides insights that can be used to enhance catalogue management, optimize resource allocation and facilitate informed business planning.

  • Access to Enhanced Assets Through the Enhanced Assets service, you can access dynamic content, including lifestyle images and product videos, providing more robust product to help influence customer buying decisions and accelerate online sales.

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