ECCnet Foodservice Content

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Our Foodservice Content solution helps resolve numerous common business process issues that can negatively impact your business.

Manufacturers, Distributors
and Other Data Providers

Distributors, Operators
and Other Data Recipients

Potential Impact to Your Business
  • Lost sales and missed opportunities due to poor quality, incomplete or inconsistent foodservice content that does not arrive in a timely manner or meet trading partner requirements.
  • Lack of an efficient method for communicating changes in product information to trading partners and providing access to how-to information, such as food preparation and handling instructions.
  • Labour-intensive manual processes by filling out listing form for multiple trading partners one-by-one.
  • Difficulties with proper shipment and handling, such as warehouse reception and storage due to inaccurate data.
  • Risk of not meeting regulatory compliance due to an inability to provide precise ingredient information.

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