Welcome to the Healthcare Deployment Committee Contact Registry

About the Healthcare Deployment Committee

Reporting to GS1 Canada’s Healthcare Board, the GS1 Canada Healthcare Deployment Committee is an action-oriented collaboration that shares standards-based leading practices and drives positive change across the clinically integrated supply chain - including procurement, inventory management, clinical workflow, product recalls and analytics. The Committee is representative of senior-level healthcare administrators, including hospitals, Shared Services Organizations (SSOs) and Group Purchasing Organizations (GPOs), and develops global standards education, tools and resources to support implementation efforts.

The GS1 Canada Healthcare Deployment Committee has launched the Deployment Committee Contact Registry to help build a list of key contacts within the medical device manufacturing community, responsible for setting up and providing ongoing support for the Global Data Synchronization Network (GDSN) and Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) implementation efforts in their organizations. By providing your contact information in the registry, healthcare providers can easily identify and contact your organization when they are ready to establish a GDSN or EDI connection with you.

Deployment Committee Contact Registry Features:

  • Simple online registration process for medical device manufacturers
  • Solution provider neutral and can be used with any EDI or GDSN solution provider
  • Registry reporting available to Deployment Committee members
  • Alignment with Canadian Anti Spam Legislation (CASL)
  • No registration fees

How Can Your Organization Support?

The Committee needs your assistance in identifying the right people within your organization responsible for setting up and providing ongoing support for GDSN and/or EDI. Medical device vendors are asked to self-register contacts within their organization who are responsible for GDSN and/or EDI. Having these capabilities in place will allow for seamless product data exchange and support automation of business transactions amongst trading partners. Having these contacts will also support healthcare providers in implementing foundation capabilities that enable a clinically integrated supply chain. Please follow the steps detailed below to register your company in the Deployment Committee Contact Registry.

Click here to submit your organization’s GDSN and/or EDI contacts