GS1 Canada’s national healthcare strategy is to create a movement that brings together stakeholders across the healthcare sector to actively advance awareness of the impact of GS1 global standards on improving the quality, safety and sustainability of Canadian health systems.

Major healthcare organizations, manufacturers, distributors and GPOs/SSOs are standing behind the National Movement. They are showing their dedication and commitment as noted in the endorsement letter below.

This letter confirms their commitment to:

  • Becoming strong, vocal advocates for GS1 global standards as the one global language for healthcare supply chain traceability
  • Actively helping to implement supply chain reforms
  • Collaborating with peers to reinforce the role of senior leadership and government in supporting patient safety and creating a safe-care culture
  • Helping to drive global standards adoption across the entire Canadian Healthcare sector by highlighting the significant benefits global standards deliver

To show your support for the National Movement and add your logo above, email or call 1.800.567.7084

With the implementation of GS1 global supply chain standards, the Healthcare sector can realize almost limitless improvements in operational efficiency and avoid preventable harm to patients.

GS1 global standards help address major challenges identified by the Healthcare sector, including:

  • Medication errors, preventable harm and adverse events
  • The inability to track and trace medical products throughout the supply chain, from manufacturer to patient record
  • Ineffective product recall processes that lack accurate traceability
  • Increased risk and resource demands caused by the re-labelling of products with proprietary barcodes
  • Non-standardized and inaccurate data preventing system interoperability and increasing errors
  • Lack of accurate data to enable analytics