The Beat is the quarterly newsletter that brings you the latest insights, news and trends impacting the Healthcare and Pharmacy sectors.

Q4 2022
Highlights: In our last issue of 2022, we review the latest events and committee meetings along with a preview of the 2023 priorities approved by GS1 Canada’s Healthcare and Pharmacy Boards.

Q3 2022
Highlights: This issue of The Beat includes helpful information on Digital Readiness Scorecards and an update on two Quebec organizations that joined the Canadian healthcare and pharmacy community in supporting standardized product data for accuracy and patient safety.

Q2 2022
Highlights: In this issue, we talk about building trust in the supply chain and introduce new Pharmacy and Healthcare Board Members.

Q1 2022
Highlights: In this issue, we share how standards are contributing to patient safety and encourage readers to explore opportunities to be a standards champion through work groups and committees.

December 2021
Highlights: GS1 Canada launches Digital Readiness Scorecard for Healthcare Provider Organizations | 2D Barcoding Advancing Safety and Enabling Healthcare Providers with Digital Readiness.

September 2021
Highlights: Have Your Say on the Future of Canada's Healthcare System and GS1 Canada Has Been Elected to the Global Healthcare Leadership Team.

June 2021
Highlights: Eileen Mac Donald Promoted to CEO and President of GS1 Canada and Pharmacy Leaders from Across the Country Collaborating on Project Enhanced Data Integrity for Patient Safety.

April 2021
Highlights: Joint Guideline to Support Medical Product of Human Origin Traceability Released and The GTIN Turns 50!

February 2021
Highlights: Deloitte White Paper Securing Trust in the Global COVID-19 Supply Chain Highlights Urgent Need for Common Standards Across the Healthcare Supply Chain and The Path Forward 2020 Draws Close to 350 Clinical and Health System Leaders from Around the World.

December 2020
Highlights: “Flying Blind” Research Results Point to the Need for Robust Supply Chain Infrastructure and GS1 Canada Pharmacy Board Sets Roadmap Leading to 2025 deadline.

Sept 2020
Highlights: GS1 Healthcare Joins ‘Fight The Fakes’ Campaign and GS1 Canada to Facilitate a National Blood Traceability Task Group.

August 2020
Highlights: Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR) Awards Dr. Anne Snowdon $1.38 million for research supported by GS1 Canada and New HIMSS CISOM Model Featured: The Changing Face of Supply Chain After COVID-19.

May 2020
Highlights: Dr. Susan-Moffatt Bruce Joining Healthcare Advisory Council and How Alberta Health Services’ Foresight Helped Avert PPE Shortage.

February 2020
Highlights: GS1 Presents at the World Economic Forum on Implementation of GS1 Standards in Healthcare and GS1 Canada’s Deployment Committee Launching GDSN and EDI Contact List.

November 2019
Highlights: HIMSS Analytics White Paper and New Maturity Model Emphasize the Importance of Adopting GS1 Standards as the Global Language of Supply Chain in Healthcare Systems and GS1 Canada Pharmacy Board Passes Unanimous Motion to Approve the Medication Barcoding Action Plan

October 2019
Highlights: The New Product Certification Tool Has Arrived! And Pharmacy Community Is Committed to Consumer and Patient Safety for Recalls

August 2019
Highlights: GS1 Designated as Issuing Entity for Unique Device Identification (UDI) by the European Commission and New Standard for Clinical Trial Products.

May 2019
Highlights: Helping the NHS Save Thousands of Lives and Millions of Pounds and Eastern Health Innovation Strategy.

August 2018
Highlights: Barcode Generator Coming September 2018, SigmaSanté Sharing their Data Needs and St. Joseph’s Health Care London and London Health Sciences Centre Partnership.

June 2018
Highlights: Alberta Health Services Advances use of ECCnet Pharmaceutical Content, Launching Recreational Cannabis in Canada with GS1 Global Standards and Global Standards Save: The Journey of Supply Chain Transformation.

April 2018
Highlights: GS1 Canada’s Healthcare Pharmacy Sector Board joins the Alliance for Safe Online Pharmacies, TransForm Initiates Project to Track and trace Implants and GS1 Standards Implementation Guidance Document Available.

February 2018
Highlights: Canadian Researcher Quantifies ROI of Supply Chain Traceability, GS1 Canada Responds to Health Canada’s Proposal for Cannabis Regulations and Plexxus chooses ECCnet Registry to Enhance Product Information Process.

October 2017
Highlights: New Case Studies Highlight GS1 Standards Success Around the World and Join GS1 Canada’s Healthcare Deployment Committee.

July 2017
Highlights: Federal Government Announces $1.6 million for SCAN Health to Advance Healthcare Supply Chain and Derby Teaching Hospitals are Improving Patient Outcomes using GS1 Global Standards.

May 2017
Highlights: Healthcare Sector Supply Chain Strategy Recommends Global Standards Adoption in Healthcare and Publish your Foodservice and Pharmaceutical Product Catalogue to SSW.

March 2017
Highlights: Nova Scotia Health Authority (NSHA) takes Leadership Position to Advance GS1 Standards, Ontario Chamber of Commerce Recommends GS1 Standards Adoption in Healthcare and NAPRA Guidelines on Traceability and Labelling include GS1 Standards.

January 2017
Highlights: Norfolk Hospital’s adopts GS1 Standards and Safer More Efficient Care Starts with a Simple Scan.

November 2016
Highlights: Landmark Research Recommends Adoption of GS1 Global Standards in Healthcare for Supply Chain Efficiency and Patient Safety and Webinar on Implementing GS1 Standards in MEDITECH.

April 2015
Highlights: PATH uses GS1 DataMatrix to Track their Vaccines, HSE views GS1 as an Important Priority and ICCBBA Published Technical Specification Recommending GS1.

November 2014
Highlights: Product Recall Rx Pilot Results Validate Need for a Single Recall Solution for Pharmacy and Healthcare and Pharmacy Sector Priorities: Looking Back, Moving Forward

September 2014
Highlights: GDSN Milestone of 15 Million Products Achieved, Leading CEOs Advancing Health System Quality Through GS1 Standards and Neighbourhood Pharmacy Association of Canada: A New Name and Mandate.

April 2014
Highlights: Upcoming Global GS1 Healthcare Conference and Upcoming Complimentary Traceability, Patient Safety Webinars.

February 2014
Highlights: The European Commission Recognizes GS1 Standards as a Best Practice for Enhanced Traceability and Wrap Report: 2013 Ontario HealthAchieve Conference.

October 2013
Highlights: HL7 Supports GS1 as World’s Best Supply Chain Healthcare Standard and Call for Participation in GDSN Country Expansion.

November 2012
Highlights: Latest EDI Standard Continues to Gain Traction, CHSS Adopts GS1 Standard to Enhance Patient Safety at 11 hospitals, Case Study Reveals How to Improve Rate of Bedside Medication Barcoding and New Brunswick’s Primary-care Plan includes EMRs.

August 2012
Highlights: CEO of Medbuy joins GS1 Canada’s Carenet Healthcare Sector Board, Pharmaceutical manufacturers, become Rx2 Certified and Healthcare Transformation Group seeks GS1 Standards.