Meet Health Canada Incident Reporting Requirements

GS1 Canada's ECCnet Incident Reporting is a value-added tool, available at no additional cost to subscribers of GS1 Canada's ECCnet Recall service.

Efficiently submit Incident Reports directly to Health Canada and share them with your trading partners, all from a single location.

As a free tool included for subscribers of ECCnet Recall, Incident Reporting enables retailers and distributors to submit incident reports to Health Canada while simultaneously sharing with trading partners from one centralized location. Through Incident Reporting, confirmation of receipt from Health Canada as well as other functions are provided.

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Features and Benefits

  • 24/7 online functionality
  • Receive case and submission numbers from Health Canada within the GS1 Canada system
  • Track and report delivery and receipt of incident notifications in real time
  • Reduced manual processes with a user-friendly system
  • Easily retrieve all your past incident reports issued through the system
  • Brand protection and assurance for peace of mind

Incident Reporting is available to users of GS1 Canada Product Recall.