Quality Standardized Images for Advertising and Promotions

ECCnet Marketing Content provides high-quality, global standard, bilingual images for advertising and promotional materials used in-store and online. Product images are made available in standardized formats with consistent perspective and lighting to provide flexibility for a broad range of marketing materials. An efficient one-to-many capability means content can be loaded once, then quickly and easily shared with multiple trading partners from a central location.

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Data Provider (Manufacturers, Brand Owners)

Data Recipient (Retailers, Distributors)

Benefits to Your Business

  • Maximize Opportunities for Product Visibility Missing or poor-quality images can result in your products being excluded from flyers and other opportunities to promote your products to consumers. Bilingual images are based on product versions sold in Canada, ensuring products can effectively be advertised in both French and English markets.

  • Centralized Content Management Quick and easy access to all your organization's standardized, high-quality product marketing images, across multiple brands and categories, to use in your own advertising, social media posts, marketing collateral, promotion and presentation materials.

  • Ensure Brand Consistency Enable your trading partners to access the same accurate and up-to-date product images from a central location, helping to ensure that products featured in advertising materials look the same on the shelf when consumers look to purchase.

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  • Maximize Sales and Marketing Opportunities Access high-quality images from multiple trading partners with standardized lighting, angles and views, providing creative flexibility to quickly and easily incorporate products into your sales and advertising materials.
    Directed by Canadian industry needs, ECCnet Marketing Content includes standardized information, ensuring that the bilingual content you receive is based on product versions sold in Canada to effectively promote products in both English and French markets.

  • Access a Primary Source of Truth A centralized registry ensures you can quickly and conveniently access the most current, bilingual product images you need, when you need them, from one location.

  • Increase Operational Efficiencies Save time and resources by accessing marketing images for multiple vendors from a central location, rather than tracking down images from vendors individually.

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