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Our Marketing Content solution helps resolve numerous common business process issues that can negatively impact your business.

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Business Issue Potential Impact to Your Business
Inaccurate, inconsistent or incomplete content
  • Poor quality or missing content that does not meet trading partners requirements may prevent trading partners promoting your products effectively to consumers through flyers and other promotional opportunities.
  • Poor quality images may not show your products in their best light, limiting the ability of trading partners to effectively market products and generate increased sales and risking consumers pursuing other options.
  • Lack of bilingual content may limit your ability to promote products effectively across all Canadian markets.
Difficulty tracking multiple product versions
  • Being unable to easily differentiate between different versions of the same product may lead to confusion and limit the effectiveness of trading partner promotional efforts.
Non-standardized or incomplete content
  • If content is supplied in a range of different formats, it might not be compatible with trading partners requirements.
Inefficient manual processes
  • Lost time repeating the same processes with each different trading partners even though the information being shared is essentially the same.
  • Each time information is shared the risk of error increases – particularly if information needs to be re-entered.

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