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Value to Manufacturers and Other Data Providers

Data Excellence

GS1 Canada’s commitment to data excellence ensures bilingual product data is perpetually cleansed and updated and 100% accurate and complete, helping to build trust between trading partners.

Data excellence tools, such as TrueSource™ Dashboard, provide visibility to marketing content gaps that enable users to increase the completeness and quality of the data being provided to their trading partners.

Global Standards

GS1 global standards create a common language to identify, capture, share and use data, ensuring critical information is accessible, accurate and easy to understand.

Ensure brand consistency and data quality by sharing standardized product data with multiple trading partners, ensuring interoperability across systems, as well as visibility and traceability throughout the entire supply chain.

Marketing content is captured according to GS1’s global Product Image Specification Standards.


GS1 Canada’s one-to-many process ensures standardized marketing content is loaded once and efficiently shared with your trading partners from one place, at the same time.

This also ensures that any updates to packaging are provided to all trading partners simultaneously, ensuring consistent product representation.

Trusted Canadian Industry Expertise

Have confidence in GS1 Canada’s industry knowledge gained through over 40 years of delivering global standards-based solutions. Specific industry-directed mandatory attributes and images are captured, ensuring all content meets Canadian trading partner and regulatory requirements.

Content captured by the ECCnet Marketing Content solution is based on product versions sold in Canada, including bilingual content, that enables products to be effectively promoted in both French and English markets.

Increased Operational Efficiency

Improve speed-to-market, save resources and increase consistency by replacing manual processes with one centralized, non-proprietary industry solution.

With the option to pre-register products, users can show trading partners proof of intent to supply marketing and advertising content while packaging design is being finalized, enabling users to move ahead with marketing and advertising planning in the absence of a final product.

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