Simpler, More Efficient Product Listings

In a competitive marketplace, speed-to-market can be the difference between listing and missing out.

ECCnet New Item Setup simplifies the product listing process, ensuring the mandatory product data needed to meet Canadian trading partner and regulatory requirements is provided. This centralized source for globally standardized, bilingual product data enables an efficient exchange of information between trading partners to help avoid missing or incorrect data that can result in lost listings and lost business.

Choose your role for information relevant to your business needs:

Data Provider (Manufacturers, Brand Owners, Brokers and Distributors)

Data Recipient (Retailers, Foodservice Distributors and Operators, Healthcare Providers)

Benefits to Your Business

  • Meet Trading Partner and Regulatory Requirements ECCnet New Item Setup eliminates the guesswork through mandatory, standardized data requirements directed by Canadian industry. Provide trading partners with the exact data they require for their product listing processes, removing confusion and potential data gaps that can lead to wasted time and missed listing opportunities.

  • Optimize Your Resources An efficient one-to-many sharing capability enables you to load, manage and update your product data in one centralized place. Working with the same, accurate product data that's shared simultaneously across multiple trading partners saves significant time and costly resources while ensuring trading partners are using the same, accurate product data.

  • Extended Foodservice Content
    Meet Foodservice Needs for More Product Details

    Provide trading partners with accurate and complete nutritional data specific to foodservice. This includes details on allergens and other foodservice requirements for calculating nutrition values for menu items, recipes, nutrition analysis and most importantly, allergen alerts. Nutrition and allergen information is also required by all foodservice distributors and operators including restaurants, institutional and other operations and programs. Additional marketing information showcases a product's uniqueness within the market.

  • Reduce Costly Errors Eliminate error-prone, repetitive, manual processes that can result in inaccurate, inconsistent and incomplete information being shared with your trading partners.

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  • Centralized Data Save time and costly resources by seamlessly accessing the information you need from multiple trading partners through a primary source of truth. Eliminate the need to track and manage product information from individual trading partners.

  • Access Standardized Product Data Get the global standard, accurate, complete and bilingual product data you need for your listing processes, validated against industry-defined rules, helping ensure data quality while meeting Canadian trading partner and regulatory requirements.

  • Extended Foodservice Content
    More Detailed Foodservice Content

    Get the accurate and complete nutritional data specific to foodservice needs. This includes allergens used for calculating nutrition status of menu items, recipes, nutrition analysis and most importantly, allergen alerts. Trading partners can provide additional marketing information that can be used to showcase a product's unique attributes.

  • Reduce Costly Errors ECCnet New Item Setup provides you with the tools that support business processes, helping reduce the possibility of overstocks, out-of-stocks and shrinkage. Avoid inaccuracy and costly errors that can result from manual ordering and inventory management.

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