ECCnet New Item Setup

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Our New Item Setup solution helps resolve numerous common business process issues that can negatively impact your business.

Manufacturers and
Other Data Providers

Retailers and
Other Data Recipients

Business Issue Potential Impact to Your Business
Inaccurate, inconsistent or incomplete content
  • Lost or delayed listings because trading partners do not have the content they need, potentially disabling key business process and lowering trading partner confidence in your organization.
Using proprietary systems to manage product information with individual trading partners
  • Lack of a one-to-many process results in the same work being repeated multiple times, leading to costly inefficiencies and the potential outlay of additional resources.
  • Proprietary and disconnected systems may not be interoperable and require additional resources and costs to maintain.
Inefficient manual processes
  • Lost time repeating the same processes with each different trading partners even though the information being shared is essentially the same.
  • Each time information is shared the risk of error increases – particularly if information needs to be re-entered.
Lack of clarity about regulatory and trading partner needs
  • Differences or changes in regulatory and trading partner needs that are not well understood may cause your organization to not be sharing required product information, causing back-and-forth that risks delaying listings and launches or failure to comply with regulations.
  • Increased potential for miscommunication, error or out-of-date product content being used.

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