ECCnet Registry

ECCnet Registry is Canada’s largest national product registry, allowing data providers (such as manufacturers, brand owners, distributors and suppliers) to seamlessly share the most accurate and up-to-date product data with trading partners and other data recipients (such as retailers, healthcare providers, foodservice operators and other end users).

The Registry was built at the request of industry through ongoing collaboration and specific to identified business process needs to ensure the availability of reliable data to efficiently and effectively fuel business processes across multiple sectors.

With ongoing system enhancements to ensure the accuracy and breadth of our validations, combined with more than 200,000 annual brand owner and manufacturer updates, ECCnet Registry is the primary source of truth for Canadian businesses, consistently delivering the highest level of data excellence to GS1 Canada subscribers.

Data Excellence

Our commitment to data excellence ensures bilingual product data is perpetually cleansed and updated, increasing accuracy and building trust between trading partners. Processes such as brand owner certification, system validations, real-time updates and GTIN discrepancy reporting enable everyone along the supply chain to access the reliable data they need to fuel their business processes.

Trusted Canadian Industry Expertise

ECCnet Registry was created by Canadian industry to meet Canadian business needs and government regulations. It includes mandatory industry-directed attributes - removing any confusion about the trading partner and regulatory data required.


Our one-to-many approach ensures product data is loaded once, then efficiently shared with all trading partners from one place, at the same time, across multiple sectors. This removes the need to re-enter information for each new trading partner or every time you need to update your product information.

Sector and Category Specific

Mandatory product data attributes are unique to the product’s category and sector. This allows you to focus on the relevant product information that your trading partners need.

Increased Visibility

ECCnet Registry is searchable, making it easier for trading partners to find your products, while controlling who has access to your product information

Flexible Upload Options

Easily upload product information with flexible loading options, including ProSYNC, GDSN and EDI, making it as quick and efficient as possible to share your information

The ECCnet Registry Process

ECCnet Registry Process begins with data providers loading product data in the ECCnet Registry, and through various content loading options, make it available to data recipients.

Achieving Data Excellence

Nine Steps to Data Excellence

  1. Choose a data loading option. ProSYNC populates ECCnet Registry directly, but ECCnet Registry can accept data from other sources, including GDSN, if the data meets the minimum data excellence requirements.
  2. Complete the applicable training programs on GS1 Canada’s Learning Zone
  3. Load product information for an initial 10 products and complete the content loading certification process. Data will not flow to your trading partners if your catalogue has not been certified.
  4. Once your initial catalogue has been certified, finish uploading the remainder of your product information. Complete any remaining validations needed for data excellence.
  5. Publish your product data to the trading partner(s) you want to share it with. Your trading partner will not receive your data until you have published it to them.
  6. Your trading partner subscribes to receive your product data. Your data will not flow to them if they have not subscribed to receive it.
  7. Maintain data excellence by perpetually updating your product information as changes occur
  8. Address any discrepancies identified by your trading partners in GTIN Discrepancy Reports
  9. Use the Dashboard data excellence tool to identify any gaps in your data or opportunities to provide additional product content, including product images

How to Gain Access to ECCnet Registry:

  1. Subscribe to GS1 Canada
  2. Subscribe to ProSYNC
    To find out more about ECCnet Registry, visit the GS1 Canada Learning Zone or contact us at 1.800.567.7084

Six Steps to Data Excellence

  1. Choose a content access tool. Item Centre automatically receives information from ECCnet Registry. ECCnet Registry can also export to GDSN data pools.
  2. Complete the Item Centre training program in GS1 Canada’s Learning Zone
  3. Your supplier uploads their product data and publishes it to you. If they have not published their data, it will not flow to you.
  4. Select the suppliers you wish to receive product data from. You will not receive data from your suppliers if you have not subscribed to them.
  5. Report any discrepancies with the product data to your suppliers through the GTIN Discrepancy Reports data excellence tool. Your supplier will receive a notification that they need to update their data.
  6. Use the Dashboard data excellence tool to identify any gaps in the data your suppliers are providing and identify opportunities to leverage more product content, including product images, to fuel your business process.

How to Gain Access to ECCnet Registry:

  1. Subscribe to GS1 Canada
  2. Subscribe to Item Centre. To find out more about ECCnet Registry, visit the GS1 Canada Learning Zone or contact us at 1.800.567.7084.

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