Item Centre

Access and exchange the content you need, when you need it. Item Centre is an online tool for data recipients (such as retailers, distributors, foodservice operators, healthcare providers and other end users) to quickly access, search or automatically receive product data from ECCnet Registry, Planogram Content Registry and Foodservice Content Registry.

Data received by Item Centre is the most up-to-date, bilingual, perpetually-cleansed product content possible and meets the requirements of Canadian industry.

Content Access and Exchange Process

Content Access and Exchange Process begins with data providers loading product data in the registries, and through the content exchange tool, Item Centre, make it available to data recipients.

You can select the Item Centre that fits your needs:

Item Centre Basic is the simplest version of Item Centre, enabling:

  • The ability to receive and manage product data within GS1 Canada’s Item Centre interface
  • Visibility to your subscribed trading partner's full product catalogue
  • Collaboration with trading partners on community data found in ECCnet Registry, Planogram Content Registry or Foodservice Content Registry
  • One central location to search and access product data rather than using multiple, inefficient methods to gather information from trading partners
  • The removal of paperwork from the product listing process, which can be time consuming and lead to errors
  • Access to product content that meets industry standards for data excellence to increase confidence in business decisions
  • Streamlined change management processes
  • The ability to generate listing forms

Value to Data Recipients

Data Excellence:

  • Community data provided by trading partners is validated to ensure compliance with industry-determined standards, including system rules and validations that vary by product category and channel of distribution including Grocery, Foodservice, General Merchandise, Pharmacy and Healthcare

Standardized Content:

  • Ensure consistency and quality through standardized content from all trading partners, enabling interoperability across systems, as well as visibility and traceability throughout the supply chain

Operational Efficiency:

  • Streamline product listing and change management processes to realize cost savings and improve speed-to-market with minimal disruption or change to your internal processes and procedures. Subscribe to a trading partners’ content once to receive new information automatically and as it becomes available

Information Tailored to your Needs:

  • Efficient item master file management. Search thousands of products from vendors that have published their data to you

Standard Data Formats:

  • Utilize standardized listing forms for the Grocery, Foodservice and Pharmacy sectors. Company-specific listing forms can also be developed


  • Retrieve product data from an online location that is securely hosted and managed by GS1 Canada

Perpetually Updated:

  • Any changes to industry-standard data requirements are automatically reflected in Item Centre product attributes and validations

Business Processes Enabled

  • Access to all community data in ECCnet Registry that meets industry standards for excellence
  • Search for products and view product data in the Item Centre interface
  • Extract product data into generic or customized listing forms
  • View history of product changes
  • Access to reports including product information extracts, product changes, system usage and trading partner lists
  • View planogram and foodservice images at various packaging levels
  • GTIN discrepancy reporting so trading partners are aware of, and can respond to, product content discrepancies


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