ProSYNC is an industry solution tool that helps you to seamlessly load, manage and share product data with trading partners from a centralized location. Built on global standards and attributes specific to Canadian trading partner requirements, ProSYNC delivers a high level of data quality through an efficient one-to-many approach, ensuring the most accurate and complete data is being accessed by trading partners.

The new capabilities are designed to provide a more intuitive user experience, enhance data accuracy, and enable an easier and faster listing process. This ensures the most accurate and complete data is being accessed by trading partners in a timely manner.


As part of our community engagement process, we asked our users what would make their data management and sharing process more effective. Most respondents requested improvements to simplify the process of entering product data as well as reduce the amount of time for trading partners to receive it. We're introducing new capabilities which are designed to provide a more intuitive user experience and enable an easier, faster listing process.


The newly enhanced ProSYNC features the following new capabilities and enhancements:

Faster Product Data Sharing

With enhancements to the data sharing capabilities, your published product data can be shared with multiple trading partners within minutes, increasing the efficiency of the product listing process, and helping you get your product to market faster.

Increased Trading Partner Visibility

With the new GTIN Visibility feature, you can see when the product data you publish to your trading partners becomes available to them for viewing, helping ensure their needs are met in a timely and efficient manner.

Simplified Product Data Loading

Through an intuitive step-by-step wizard, you can load and manage your product date faster and easier, saving you time and resources while ensuring you are providing your trading partners with the information they need.

Mandatory Only View

For new listings of an urgent nature, you can load your product data quicker by using the Mandatory Only View – allowing you to focus on the minimal data attributes necessary to meet trading partner requirements while saving time and effort.

Track Changes Over Time

With the new Change Log, you can capture attribute and publication changes to your products by user over time in one centralized location, giving you higher visibility to your data changes, and helping you facilitate traceability.

Manage Multiple Products at Once

Simultaneously manage the product data for multiple products with the new File Upload capability that now includes the ability to download existing data from ECCnet into a template, allowing you to manage your data outside of ProSYNC – whether it's reviewing and editing existing data or adding new products. Availability of this feature is dependant on the subscription level.

24X7 Self-Serve Data Extraction

In order to perform your own data analysis, you can use the Data Extract capability to extract product data into a pre-defined template and receive an email notification when the process is completed.

Increased Visibility for Your Products in Product Certification

You will be able to easily view the images and certification status of your products that are currently in the Product Certification tool. This will help you identify any necessary actions required to ensure you are providing your trading partners with the reliable product information they require.

View Product Images

With the new Image Gallery, you can easily view different types and versions of product content and images that are captured by GS1 Canada’s Product Image and Data Capture Service. To download your product images, you will still need to use The Vault and eCommerce Content.

Identify and Action Data Discrepancies

The new GTIN Compliance Report provides you visibility to the overall status of your data against the latest industry and trading partner requirements, enabling you to action data discrepancies to achieve a higher level of data integrity.

Automatically Save Product Drafts

The new Product Draft feature saves your work and updates in the Add/Clone Product Wizard automatically, allowing you to pick up where you left off without having to re-enter the information.

Access Training Materials within the Tool

With a new Resource Library within the tool, you can easily access all available educational resources in one place and get the information you need, the moment you need it, saving you time while helping you familiarize yourself with the newly enhanced tool.

Prefix Validation Warning

With the new prefix validation warning, you will be alerted of GTIN ownership or authorization issues to ensure the GTIN information you share with your trading partners is valid and authorized to use, helping you achieve a higher level of data integrity.

Easily View Your Product Approval Status

You can easily view the approval status of your products on your homepage dashboard or in the search results to identify the GTINs that require action, saving you time and enabling you to provide your trading partners with the latest updates.

Product Category Attributes and Validations

Additional product category attributes and validations to help you ensure that your product data is complete and meets trading partner and regulatory requirements.

File Upload and Download to Support Additional Attributes

Upload and manage product data more efficiently with the enhanced file upload process that supports additional attributes for both file upload and file download. The current file limit has been increased to 10MB, which allows you to load more product data at once.

Data Extraction to Support Additional Attributes

Download the complete set of product data into a pre-defined excel template with the enhanced data extraction feature that supports additional attributes.

Market Group Publication

Group your trading partners and publish to all of them at once, saving you significant time from having to manage each trading partner’s publication individually.


You can access the new ProSYNC the same you access ProSYNC – under the “My Tools” section of your myGS1 home page.


There are no changes to the process. Administrators are still able to manage users, including the ability to add, edit or delete users, through the “User Management” section of your myGS1 account.


No, you will not receive an email confirmation. To check if the product data you published to your trading partners is available to them for viewing, use the GTIN Visibility feature in the Product Details page of that product.

Trading partner(s) with a green check mark would be able to view the product data you have published to them.


No. To download your product images, you will need to use The Vault. The Image Gallery feature in ProSYNC allows you to view product content and images that are captured by GS1 Canada’s Product Image and Data Capture Service.


All ECCnet validations are included in the GTIN Compliance Report, to ensure your product data is kept up to date and meet a high level of data integrity.


For more details about the new ProSYNC, please contact us at or 1.800.567.7084