The New and Improved ProSYNC Sandbox - FAQ

ProSYNC is an industry solution tool that helps you to seamlessly load, manage and share product data with trading partners from a centralized location. Built on global standards and attributes specific to Canadian trading partner requirements, ProSYNC delivers a high level of data quality through an efficient one-to-many approach, ensuring the most accurate and complete data is being accessed by multiple trading partners.

The new capabilities are designed to provide a more intuitive user experience, enhance data accuracy, and enable an easier and faster listing process, ensuring the data is accessed by trading partners in a timely manner.

As part of our community engagement process, we asked our users what would make their data management and sharing process more effective. Most respondents requested improvements to simplify the process of entering product data as well as reduce the amount of time for trading partners to receive it. We're introducing new capabilities which are designed to provide a more intuitive user experience and enable an easier, faster listing process.

The new and improved ProSYNC will feature the following new capabilities and enhancements:

Faster Product Data Sharing

Your published product data will now be shared with your trading partners within minutes, enabling them to have the most accurate and up-to-date details when they need it.

Increased Trading Partner Visibility

With the new GTIN Visibility feature, you will now be able to see when the product data you publish to trading partners becomes available to them for viewing, helping ensure their needs are met in a timely and efficient manner.

Simplified Product Data Loading

With a new step-by-step wizard, you'll now find it easier and faster to create product records, saving you time and resources while ensuring a high level of data integrity that meets trading partner requirements.

Mandatory Only View

For new listings of an urgent nature, you can now load your product data quicker by using the Mandatory Only View – allowing you to focus on the minimal data attributes necessary to meet trading partner requirements while saving time and effort.

Track Changes Over Time

With the new Change Log, you can now capture attribute and publication changes to your products over time and by user in one centralized location, helping facilitate traceability and ensure accuracy.

View Product Images

With the new Image Gallery, you can easily view different types and versions of product content and images that are captured by GS1 Canada’s Product Image and Data Capture Service. To download your product images, you will still need to use The Vault and The Vault – eCommerce.

Identify and Action Data Discrepancies

The new GTIN Compliance Report provides you visibility to the status of your overall product catalogue based on all ECCnet validations, allowing you to identify and action data discrepancies based on the latest trading partner, Canadian industry, and regulatory requirements.

Automatically Saved Product Drafts

The new Product Draft feature saves your work and updates in the Add/Clone Product Wizard automatically, allowing you to pick up where you left off without having to re-enter the information.

The following table illustrates a comparison of capabilities and features between the current ProSYNC and the new and improved ProSYNC:

Capability / Feature




Product Classification Lookup

Check mark Check mark


You will still be able to drill down into the specific product code. However, the enhanced Product Classification feature will enable you to enter partial or full classification descriptions, allowing you quick access to the correct product classification.

GTIN Discrepancy Reporting

Check mark Check mark


In addition to the ability of viewing the GTIN discrepancies reported by your trading partners, you will now be able to also view the number of discrepancy tickets.

You can view the GTIN discrepancies reported on the Home Page of the new and improved ProSYNC and the number of discrepancy tickets indicated on the Product Details page.

Support for complex packaged goods (multipacks, displays, DRPs, etc.)

Check mark Check mark


You will now be able to load all GTINs for complex packaging from the start using the Complex Hierarchies option under the Product wizard.

Trading Partner Publication/Withdrawn

Check mark Check mark


Product data publication has been simplified to allow you to publish hierarchy instead of individual GTIN, helping prevent missing publication for a packaging level.

Trading Partner Relationship Setup

Check mark Check mark

No longer applicable

Product data publication is now simplified to allow you to select your trading partners directly to share data with through the Product Wizard without having to add relationships prior.

Link to ECCnet Registry

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No longer applicable

The new and improved ProSYNC offers all the capabilities that you need from ECCnet Registry. You no longer need to switch between applications to view your images and get visibility on your trading partners access to your products.

A testing environment that we’ve created for a small group of GS1 Canada subscribers to be the first to experience the new and improved ProSYNC and share their feedback with their account managers before the end of the year.

To help get you started, we’ve copied your product data currently in ProSYNC to the Sandbox. As this is a testing environment, any edits you make to the data will not be shared with your trading partners.

Yes, you can load your product data to the new and improved ProSYNC Sandbox, but you will not be able to share the data with your trading partners. You will need to continue using the current ProSYNC tool to manage and publish your product data.

We’ve developed the following material to help you familiarize yourself with the new and improved ProSYNC:

To access the learning materials, you will need your Learning Zone registration credentials. If you have not previously registered for the Learning Zone, please register here.

For more information about the new and improved ProSYNC or the sandbox, please contact your account manager.

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