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As consumers demand more transparency and detailed information about the products they buy and consume, trading partners, retailers and consumers are looking for nutritional content that goes beyond the label. Certified nutritional helps inform product selection for programs and processes such as:

  • Health and wellness programs
  • Menu planning
  • Specialty food promotions or grocery programs (such as planning for organic, health food or ethnic food aisles)

GS1 Canada’s ECCnet Nutritional Content solution enables brand owners to provide 100% accurate and complete, global standard images and certified product information, including greater detail on ingredients, allergens and certification claims. This reliable content helps build trust for brands and products, instills confidence in trading partners and helps inform the purchasing decisions of increasingly health-conscious Canadians.

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Learn about how GS1 global standards can create a more efficient and transparent supply chain, while helping your business to streamline operations, support core business processes and exchange information with trading partners.

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