Accurate and Transparent Nutritional Product Details

To address increasing consumer demand for more detailed and transparent product information to meet health, dietary and lifestyle needs, retailers are looking for more detailed nutritional information.

To help meet these evolving consumer needs and inform purchasing decisions, ECCnet Nutritional Content enables brand owners to provide 100% accurate and complete bilingual product information and images based on global standards. Extended detail on ingredients, allergens and certification claims can inform purchasing decisions by going beyond a standard Nutrition Facts Table. Access to this brand-owner certified nutritional content enables data recipients to confidently select products to build customized retail programs, personalizing the shopping experience in-store and online.

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Benefits to Your Business

  • Meet Changing Needs of Consumers By providing your trading partners with supplemental nutritional details beyond what can typically fit on a label, your product information can be used by retailers to inform product selection, build programs - including category selection, specialty promotions or grocery food aisle planning - and personalize the shopping experience through targeted promotions. The needs of consumers are better met by ensuring your trading partners have access to extended information about your unique product claims, ingredients and benefits to address specific consumer needs and interests.

  • Ensure Data Excellence Brand-owner certified nutritional content uses global standards to provide the highest level of data quality to trading partners. Sharing product information that is 100% accurate and complete from a primary source of truth instils confidence in your product data and protects your brand integrity.

  • Meet Trading Partner and Regulatory Requirements Directed by industry, ECCnet Nutritional Content ensures you provide the standardized nutritional data needed to meet Canadian trading partner, Health Canada and other requirements to maintain regulatory compliance. ECCnet Nutritional Content enables you to provide your trading partners with supplemental nutritional information, including detailed food ingredients and allergens, advanced nutritional content claims and support for retail food products that have complex nutritional panels. This extra information backs the accuracy and validity of your product claims.

  • Optimize Your Resources An efficient one-to-many sharing process enables you to certify and manage your nutritional product data in one centralized location and efficiently share with multiple trading partners across multiple sectors.
    By replacing error-prone, repetitive, manual processes with an automated data certification process helps reduce errors that can result in inaccurate nutritional data being shared with trading partners.

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  • Meet Consumer Demand To help meet increasing consumer demand for more product information and access to products that meet their wellness, dietary and lifestyle needs, certified nutritional content enables you to categorize product data to choose products to create health, wellness, and lifestyle programs, specialty promotions and grocery aisle assortment planning. This access to extended nutritional information helps you make informed product selections, or explore new categories, to meet the needs of consumers and help drive customer traffic and loyalty.

  • Access the Accurate Data You Need ECCnet Nutritional Content includes the mandatory, standardized attributes directed by industry to ensure trading partners are providing the accurate and complete, bilingual nutritional product data you need to fuel nutrition-related business processes.
    Through a product certification process, brand owners guarantee the accuracy of their nutritional data. This provides ultimate confidence in the nutritional data being used, safeguarding against reputational harm and protecting the health and well-being of Canadian consumers.

  • Optimize Your Resources Save time and costly resources by quickly and conveniently accessing nutritional product content from multiple trading partners through a primary source of truth, rather than tracking and managing nutritional information individually by trading partner.

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