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Our Nutritional Content solution helps resolve numerous common business process issues that can negatively impact your business.

Manufacturers and
Other Data Providers

Retailers and
Other Data Recipients

Business Issue Potential Impact to Your Business
Inaccurate, inconsistent, incomplete and out-of-date data
  • Content may be missing important information such as allergens, potentially making consumers sick or even risking lives.
  • Trading partners looking for products for health and wellness programs may overlook your products because they don’t know enough about their nutritional merits.
  • Customers using third party initiatives like SmartLabel™ may not be aware that your products meet their specific needs.
Inefficient manual processes
  • Lost time repeating the same processes with each different trading partner’s proprietary formats even though the information being shared is essentially the same.
  • Each time information is shared the risk of error increases – particularly if information needs to be re-entered.
Trading partners using incorrect information about your products
  • Lost sales caused by trading partners or consumers not knowing about changes to the nutritional profile of your products.
  • Danger to consumers and patients when allergens are added to a product formulation without adequate visibility.
Lack of ability to track changes in product content over time
  • Difficulty in determining whether your product information complies with current trading partner and regulatory requirements, especially if those requirements change.
  • Laborious manual processes to track different product content versions and uncertainty over which product version a particular set of data attributes belongs to.

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