Small Business Bundles

Our Small Business Bundles provide access to flexible tools, resources and support, helping ensure you’re providing trading partners with the content they need to list and promote your products while managing your operational resources efficiently and effectively.

Small Business Bundles are priced based on the number of products and product variations you plan on selling and the number of Global Trade Item Numbers (or GTINs, the numbers you see below a barcode), you’ll need to create your barcodes. If you’re not sure how many you’ll need, visit our GTIN Estimator to quickly and easily find out.

Which Bundle is Right for You?

Small Business Essentials

Small Business Essentials PLUS

Designed to help you get the basics right, the Small Business Essentials bundle provides the GTINs and tools you need to list your products. From getting your GTINs and barcodes, to quickly and confidently sharing your product data with trading partners from one central, secure location, this bundle helps you get it right from the start!

Essentials 10

Up to 5 Products
Up to 10 GTINs

$325 annually
No setup fee

Essentials 20

Up to 10 Products
Up to 20 GTINs

$475 annually
$145 setup fee

Essentials 30

Up to 15 Products
Up to 30 GTINs

$625 annually
$145 setup fee

Essentials 40

Up to 20 Products
Up to 40 GTINs

$750 annually
$145 setup fee

Here's What's Included in Small Business Essentials:

GS1 Canada Subscription


Educational Resources

GTIN Ombudsman

Manage My GTINs

Data Loading and Sharing

TrueSource™ Dashboard


Personalized Consulting

Does your business qualify for a small business bundle?

You qualify if your business:

  • Has up to $2.5 million in annual revenue based on Canadian operations.
  • Has up to a maximum of 20 products and up to 40 GTINs in the Canadian market.
  • Is not a current GS1 Canada subscriber or doesn’t currently engage in ECCnet-recall Industry Managed Solutions.
  • Currently sells products to at least one trading partner.

If you checked all the boxes above, your business qualifies for a small business bundle. Contact our Industry Support Services team at 1.800.567.7084 or for more details on getting started.

If you don't qualify for a small business bundles, there are many other ways GS1 Canada can help support your small business dreams.

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