Package Measurements Data Comparison Report

ECCnet Registry to ECCnet Image & Validation (I&V)

The accurate and consistent dimensional measurement of trade item package measurement data is key to the successful implementation of data synchronization between trading partners as well as an important part of creating an effective planogram. GS1 has established rules for the global, unambiguous definition of measurement attributes of product packaging to facilitate communication between trading partners. These rules are intended to provide a consistent, repeatable process to determine measurements for a given product package. ECCnet I&V measurements follows the GS1 package measurement rules.

The Package Measurements Data Comparison Reports provides a comparison of package measurement data (height, length and width) for consumer items that have been loaded to the ECCnet Registry against measurements that have been captured by ECCnet I&V.

Your Data Comparison Report consists of four separate reports:

  1. ECCnet Registry to ECCnet I&V - Discrepancy Report
  2. ECCnet Registry to ECCnet I&V - Non Discrepancy Report
  3. ECCnet Registry Only – Not submitted to ECCnet I&V
  4. Package Measurement Data Comparison Report – Summary Report

Discrepancies are determined within an established Global standard tolerance of +/-4%.

Next steps for improving your data.

  • If the results of your data comparison identify no discrepancy, no further action is necessary
  • If the results of your data comparison identify discrepancies
    • Identify those individuals within your organization that are responsible for product measurements and ensure they have a good understanding of the rules
    • Determine why your measurement data does not match the data captured by ECCnet I&V
    • Utilize the measurement data from the I&V Services and update your back end systems, then load this data into your ECCnet catalogue.
  • If your products have not been submitted to ECCnet I&V, click here for a product submission form

This is a self-served report. Please click here to download the report.