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Images and Data Content

Based out of our Montreal studio, Images and Data Content is your single source for capturing and sharing accurate, standardized product images and data content with your trading partners.

To date, more than 20 Canadian retailers and 1,200 Canadian manufacturers have collaboratively participated in using these tools.

Benefits of Images and Data Content Tools

Cost-Effective Image and Data Content Options

Getting high-quality professional images and data content does not have to cost the earth. Through the Retail Trading Partner Bundles you can get images and data content captured for a range of purposes at economical costs. Or, if you need just one tool, you can select what you need à-la-carte.

When you are ready to submit your products, just log in to your MyGS1 account and use the new online Service Request feature for image requests. This feature also allows you to track the progress of your product submissions and monitor the request status.

Easy Access to All of Your Images and Data Content

The images and data content tools are available à-la-carte or, for a more cost-effective option, through one of our affordable Trading Partner Bundles.

Once processed, marketing, planogram and foodservices images and data content are available in The Vault. ECommerce images and data content are available in The Vault – eCommerce.

The Vault and The Vault – eCommerce are GS1 Canada’s secure tools for distributing, downloading and certifying your images and data content.

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