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ECCnet Planogram Content

Make products stand out on the shelf with the help of high-quality professional images and data content used for planogramming and shelf management.

Retailers use images and data content captured by ECCnet Planogram Content to create eye-catching displays in store that help guide customers to manufacturers’ products. GS1 Canada’s ECCnet Planogram Content ensures store operations get your latest product imagery onto shelf displays making it easier to create planograms that include your products.

Clear and easy-to-understand planogram images also help retailers execute product displays quicker, increasing efficiency at the store level.

With ECCnet Planogram Content, we capture professional quality straight-on images of products for use in category and shelf management. We also capture the physical dimensions of your products and their weight.

Content Captured by GS1 Canada for ECCnet Planogram Content is compatible with all planogramming software solutions.

The Vault

Images and data content captured by ECCnet Planogram Content is available in The Vault, GS1 Canada's secure tool for your images and data content. Registering for The Vault is a pre-requisite for using one of GS1 Canada's Content Capture and Loading options for the ECCnet Planogram Content solution.

The Vault uses a one-to-many principle. You can save time and money by submitting products once and have them shared with all of your trading partners, who will benefit from the perpetually cleansed images and data.

Content within The Vault are available to manufacturers and retailers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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How to Submit or Load Products

There are three content capture and loading options available for the ECCnet Planogram Content solution. Click on the links below to go directly to the process for each type.

  1. Product Submission: With our physical submission option, you send your products to the GS1 Canada studio in Montreal where our team of photographers take professional photographs and capture standardized product data.
  2. Pre-Registration: This option is available to manufacturers who do not yet have physical product available for processing but need to show proof-of-intent to their trading partners.
  3. Onsite Capture: By special arrangement, our team of professionals will travel to your site and perform the content capture there. To take advantage of this service, contact your account manager. If you do not have an account manager, email us at We will complete a requirement analysis with you before settling on a plan to capture your content.

Technical Specifications

Planogram Image Standards
This tool was developed in close consultation with the GS1 Canada Planogram WG and aligns with the Product Image Specifications developed by the GS1 Global Office.

Standard file format: 72 dpi, TARGA, no compression.

Backgrounds and Cropping
Images appear with a transparent background. Images for contour and non-contour products are cropped to the products' edge. No props or additional products are allowed within the primary image areas.

All products are photographed straight-on from the front, left, right and top (and from the back & bottom, when marketable).

File Name Conventions
GS1 Canada uses specific file naming conventions to manage and maintain the image library. The format consists of the product GTIN followed by a period and the view indicator. This standard is read by planogramming software applications. Valid values are:

Having accurate product dimension measurements is the most important part of creating an effective planogram. Measurements follow GS1 Canada's Product Measuring Guidelines, which comply with GS1's Product Measurement Rules for Data Alignment. The data fields that GS1 Canada supplies include:

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