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of online shoppers say visuals are the most influential factor affecting purchase decisions

Diadeis, 2015

Make sure you’re capturing the high-quality product images and data content your customers demand with our eCommerce Content Capture service, part of our complete ECCnet eCommerce Content tool.

Give customers the best high resolution product images and most accurate product data possible with the help of our content capture tool. This will enable excellence in data quality and help prevent customer disappointment and costly returns.

Take charge of your digital shelf now!

What you get with eCommerce Content Capture

  • All on-pack product data taken directly from your product packaging in English and French
  • Package weight and dimensions, to help ensure shipping costs are calculated correctly
  • 1-2 high-resolution 2D images, which enable customer purchasing decisions and deliver product and brand consistency across all platforms
  • Six high-resolution label images for data capture

GS1 Canada will validate the images and data for quality and provide brand owners with the opportunity to certify and top up marketing content in order to control their digital shelf. Vendors have access to certify, download and share their content via The Vault – eCommerce, GS1 Canada’s secure online content tool.

How eCommerce Content Capture helps drive your business

Images sell

Images sell:

Research shows that professional quality, standardized images provide the kind of consistent brand experience that drives consumer purchases and repeat business.

Bad data can negatively impact sales

Bad data impacts sales:

87% of shoppers* will not buy from a brand again after getting inaccurate product data.

ECommerce Content Capture allows you to further certify your product data.

Bring the customer to you

Bring customers to you:

Searchable product data helps you stand out by highlighting the product qualities and attributes your customers are looking for.

To get your eCommerce images:

  1. Register for The Vault – eCommerce
    1. Go to our Services Access page. You will need your myGS1 credentials to gain access.
    2. Click the Register button within eCommerce Images box.
    3. You will be asked to confirm your details and agree to the Terms and Conditions. Make sure you select The Vault – eCommerce from the options on this screen if you wish to register for this service.
    4. Within 1 business day you will get an email containing your Vault – eCommerce credentials.
    5. Enter The Vault – eCommerce with your new credentials. You can now view and certify any existing content and set up new users.
  2. Select your products for capture
    1. Visit the Service Request tool and click "Create Service Request".
      • If submitting products for pre-registration, please select the pre-registration option
    2. Fill out the form that pops up. Enter the product-level GTINs for each of the products you want captured (or case and product level GTINs if submitting products for Foodservice). The system will check the validity of your GTINs and alert you if there may be an error.
    3. Select the types of images you are requesting. If you have selected all of the services within one of GS1 Canada's economical Trading Partner Bundles, the system will automatically select the applicable bundle for you and save costs.
    4. Once your request is complete, make note of the Service Request Number (SRN). Once you submit your Service Request, you will no longer be able to edit it. Reach out to or your account manager for help with any further changes.
    5. Print your shipping manifest and include it with your scheduled product when you send them in.
      • If submitting products for pre-registration, you can print out your Confirmation Reports immediately
  3. Schedule and send your products
    1. To schedule a time for your products to be sent, fill out the Schedule Your Products form, including the SRN you generated in the previous step.
    2. A GS1 Canada representative will contact you within three business days to organize a submission window.
    3. When it is time, send your two live samples of each product to our Montreal studio at:
      GS1 Canada Images
      9200 boul. du Golf
      Montreal, QC, H1J 3A1.
  4. View and certify your products
    1. The Vault – eCommerce will send you an email to let you know when your products have entered The Vault – eCommerce and are ready to be viewed and certified.

Click here for a full list of costs associated with the eCommerce Content Capture solution.

The technical specifications for our eCommerce content is in accordance with the global specifications:

  • Image size 8 x 8 in. (2365 x 2365 pixels) 300 dpi
  • Cropping, close cutting and white background
  • File format TIFF and Color mode RGB (JPEG or EPS formats can be provided on request)

To get started, as a subscriber to GS1 Canada click on the button below, sign-in to your myGS1 account, then scroll down to eCommerce Images and click Register

* Diadeis, 2015