GS1 Canada

Planogram Content Extract

Planogram Content Extract is a premium feature that provides an automated extract from GS1 Canada’s Planogram Registry, enabling you to construct optimized, accurate planograms in-house.

These customizable FTP feeds increase the reliability of planogram content by providing ongoing access to brand-owner updates, reducing the potential for errors.

Retailers and other data recipients can receive automatic content updates from multiple trading partners in a single extract, with the reliable planogramming data required for new products or changes to existing products. This removes the need for repeated manual content searches within The Vault.

Manufacturers and other data providers that build planograms on behalf of their trading partners can use Planogram Content Extract to access planogram images and data for third-party and competitor products to build more accurate planograms using reliable content.

Value of Planogram Content Extract

Data Excellence:

Our commitment to data excellence ensures bilingual product data is perpetually cleansed and updated, increasing accuracy and building trust between trading partners.

By focusing on new products and updates to existing products, Planogram Content Extract makes it easier to see exactly what has changed, reducing the risk of missing important updates in a flood of other information.

Increased Operational Efficiency:

Save significant resources and increase consistency by replacing manual, repetitive processes and paperwork with one centralized, non-proprietary industry solution.

Planogram Content Extract’s automated feed provides content according to criteria you specify, giving you the flexibility to adjust your feed according to your business needs.

What You Get with Planogram Content Extract

You can filter your Planogram Content Extract feed around the following criteria:

  • New products and product changes
  • Specific product categories
  • Available views (such as front, top, etc.)
  • Preferred language (bilingual by default)
  • File format and size
  • File extensions and names
  • Subfolders or single directory
  • Download from your own FTP or GS1 Canada’s FTP service
  • Desired delivery day and export frequency

How to Access Planogram Content Extract

To set up and access Planogram Content Extract, contact your GS1 Canada account manager or email