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As a neutral, industry-led, not-for-profit organization, we work with retailers and manufacturers of all sizes and across all sectors to develop industry-wide initiatives for the benefit of Canadian business as a whole.

Each of our five Sector Boards is comprised of industry leaders who are committed to the voluntary adoption of GS1 standards. These sector boards work with us in the development of standards-based, industry-wide non-proprietary solutions that benefit their respective sectors. Through our involvement in sector-specific working groups, we are able to identify industry needs and work together to serve our entire community of subscribers.

The Industry Sectors we Serve


GS1 Canada works closely with the foodservice community – operators, distributors, and vendors – to develop solutions that make sense for your business. Our access to leading resources around the world and close collaboration with businesses like yours enables us to deliver supply chain solutions to meet your needs today and tomorrow.

General Merchandise, Apparel and Hardlines

From getting products onto shelves faster, to enhancing product recall processes, to improving marketing and advertising processes, we collaborate with industry leaders and our General Merchandise, Apparel and Hardlines Sector Board. This collaboration leads to developing services and initiatives that will help you achieve business efficiencies based on the use of accurate, standards-based product data.


Grocery was the first sector we supported back in the early 2000s. Industry needs were the impetus for the creation of ECCnet Registry, Canada’s national product registry.

Since then, GS1 standards have been widely adopted by industry to make supply chains as efficient and accurate as possible. Collaboration with the grocery sector has helped us develop value-added services such as:


The well-being of Canadians relies on patient safety, which is why we are committed to developing transparent, reliable healthcare systems. Together with healthcare leaders, we are seeking innovations to improve patient safety and drive health system efficiencies. Led by the GS1 Canada Carenet Healthcare Board, the Canadian healthcare sector is modernizing the healthcare supply chain by leveraging the GS1 system of standards.


Global supply chain standards, including barcodes, are enhancing patient safety and productivity in the Canadian pharmacy sector. We work with leaders and stakeholders across the pharmacy supply chain to actively drive the adoption of GS1 standards to enhance business processes and help the sector realize the benefits of global standards.

Other Sectors

Here at GS1 Canada, we are proud to represent and support more than 20 sectors across Canada. Our services are available to businesses involved in everything from agriculture to publishing to cosmetics, and many more.

Our Subscribers

GS1 Canada represents

20 sectors
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