ECCnet Foodservice Content

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Value to Manufacturers, Distributors and Other Data Providers


  • Through our efficient one-to-many process, content is loaded once into The Vault, GS1 Canada’s secure online storage and distribution tool for organizing, managing and sharing your content. From The Vault, your content can then efficiently be shared with multiple trading partners from one place, ensuring consistent accuracy, quality and brand representation. In addition, your images can also be used within your own organization to support other internal business needs.

Trusted Canadian Industry Expertise and Experience

  • Professional studio ensures highest quality content.
  • Our dedicated team of product photographers and graphic designers have over 20 years of experience capturing professional, global standard images and accurate and complete bilingual product data.
  • As an industry-directed organization, GS1 Canada knows exactly what content is required to meet major Canadian trading partner requirements.

Standardized Content

  • Global image standard content ensures consistent, high-quality brand representation across the board with the same content used by all trading partners.
  • Standardized content also enables interoperability across systems, and visibility and traceability throughout the entire supply chain.

Flexible Content Capture Options

  • To meet the evolving needs of businesses of all sizes across multiple industry sectors and numerous categories, we offer flexible options for capturing or loading product image and data content:
    • Product submission to our Montreal studio.
    • Submit your own standards-compliant digital images to GS1 Canada for image evaluation and upload.
    • On-site capture where our professional teams come to your location and capture your foodservice product images.

TrueSource™ Dashboard

  • With access to TrueSource™ Dashboard, a standardized industry data excellence tool, visibility to the status of your foodservice content helps to identify and fill content gaps and enable open dialogue between trading partners, facilitating collaborative business planning, swift issue resolution and more productive business relationships.

PIC Cards

  • Product Information Cards that couple the image with the extended foodservice product content from ECCnet Registry and customized by foodservice recipient.