ECCnet Foodservice Content

Powered by TrueSource™

Value to Distributors, Operators and Other Data Recipients

Flexible Foodservice Content Distribution Options

  • To meet the business needs of Foodservice data recipients, flexible content distribution options are available to ensure recipients of all sizes and technical proficiency can leverage the benefits of standardized image content.
  • Foodservice content is available to recipients via:
    • The Vault (to view and download); users can select image size and format to meet their business needs.
    • ECCnet Item Centre Basic User Interface (UI).
    • Scheduled PUSH distribution based on the individual trading partners business needs.
    • Integration options leveraging ECCnet Item Centre API.

PIC Cards

  • Product Information Cards that couple the image with the extended foodservice product content from ECCnet Registry and customized by foodservice recipient.

Data Excellence

  • GS1 Canada’s commitment to data excellence ensures bilingual product data is perpetually cleansed and updated, increasing accuracy and building trust between trading partners.
  • TrueSource™ Dashboard helps identify content gaps for collaborative discussion with trading partners to ensure content for the products you need is 100% accurate and complete.

Access All Content in One Place When You Need It

  • Quickly and conveniently access the standardized, bilingual content you need when you need it from one central place, rather than requesting content from each trading partner individually.

Trusted Canadian Expertise

  • Have confidence in GS1 Canada’s industry knowledge gained through over 40 years of delivering global standards-based solutions. Specific industry-directed mandatory attributes and images are captured, ensuring all content meets Canadian trading partner and regulatory requirements.
  • GS1 Canada foodservice content capture is based on product versions sold in Canada, including bilingual content, that enables you to effectively promote products in both French and English markets.

Improved Operational Efficiency

  • Improve speed-to-market, save resources and increase consistency by replacing manual, repetitive processes and paperwork with one centralized, non-proprietary industry solution.
  • GS1 Canada foodservice content can help you to develop your own tools and resources, including websites, online ordering applications, electronic product catalogues, including high-resolution product case and case-content images for menu planning and product information cards.

TrueSource™ Dashboard

  • With access to TrueSource™ Dashboard, a standardized industry data excellence tool, visibility to the status of your foodservice content helps to identify and fill content gaps and enable open dialogue between trading partners, facilitating collaborative business planning, swift issue resolution and more productive business relationships.