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Get Ready for Streamlined Product Certification! Item Certification - Nutrition will be replaced by Product Certification. This new standardized data excellence tool unites the certification capabilities from three previously separate tools into one - saving time, costs and resources. Learn more.

Item Certification - Nutrition

Manage Your Brand by Sharing Authorized Product Nutritional Data and Images

ECCnet Item Certification - Nutrition is an online, centralized industry tool for brand-validated, perpetually-cleansed, nutritional data and images.

This tool enables brand owners to review and certify product information accuracy in critical areas such as ingredients, allergens and certifications (organic, kosher, halal) in order to:

  • address consumer demand for detailed nutritional information
  • protect brand integrity
  • highlight products for inclusion in health and wellness programs
  • increase consumer safety
  • support healthy food choices through inclusion of allergen and ingredient information

Retailers, foodservice operators and other data recipients can access these images and data to support a range of daily business processes.

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Value of Item Certification - Nutrition

Brand Owners and
Other Data Providers

Foodservice Operators
and Other Data Recipients

  • Build consumer trust by providing retailers and other trading partners with trusted, perpetually-cleansed item level nutrition data and nutrition label images through a central location.
  • Simplify management of nutritional information changes and updates to nutritional label images through automated data synchronization.