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ECCnet Pharmaceutical Content is a primary source of truth for 100% accurate and complete pharmaceutical images (pill or unit of use) and associated data. Healthcare workers can verify medication with the confidence of global standards, helping reduce risk to patients and supporting zero tolerance for medication error in the healthcare and pharmacy sectors. Data captured for exchange between trading partners, such as hospitals and pharmacies, includes dispensing location as well as primary and secondary packaging levels, which are required for the dispensing validation process.

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  • Increased Patient Safety Providing clinicians with brand-owner certified, 100% accurate and complete pharmaceutical images and data at the unit of use level helps to enhance patient safety by confirming the correct medication for dispensing at each stage of the medication use process to reduce risks that could contribute to medication errors.

  • Brand Trust Sharing 100% accurate and complete images and data from a primary source of truth instills confidence in your product data and protects your brand integrity.

    Trading partners are notified as soon as updates to your oral solid products are made, ensuring they always have access to the most accurate product data that adheres to global standards.

  • Data Excellence Brand-owner certified images and data ensure you're providing pharmacy and healthcare staff with the highest level of data quality for your medications. This instills confidence that your oral solid images clearly and accurately depict the correct shapes, colours and markings, and that your associated pharmaceutical data is 100% accurate and complete.

  • Optimized Resources An efficient one-to-many sharing process enables you to certify and manage your pharmaceutical product data in one central location and efficiently share with multiple trading partners across multiple sectors.

    Replacing error-prone, repetitive, duplicated processes with an automated data certification process based on global standards helps reduce errors.

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  • Increased Patient Safety Having access to trusted, brand-owner certified pharmaceutical images and associated data at the unit of use level helps to protect patient safety and reduce the risk of medication errors while enabling faster validation of patient medications in a healthcare setting.

  • Faster Verification for Medications By linking key information such as DINs (Drug Information Number) to global standard identifiers such as GTINs, ECCnet Pharmaceutical Content enables healthcare providers to quickly and efficiently verify that the product they are preparing, dispensing or administering is correct. This supports the Healthcare and Pharmacy sector's zero-tolerance approach to medication error.

  • Get Standardized Content from Multiple Vendors GS1 Canada uses a consistent methodology for capturing standardized images and data, ensuring the oral solid images and associated data your suppliers are providing is high quality, meets industry requirements and certified as 100% accurate and complete.

  • Access to a Primary Source of Truth A centralized pharmaceutical registry ensures you can quickly and conveniently access accurate oral solid images from multiple vendors when you need them, from one place, rather than requesting content from your vendors or manufacturers one-by-one.

    Reduce potential medication errors by being notified as soon as product changes are made, ensuring you always have access to the most accurate and up-to-date pharmaceutical data.

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