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Our Pharmaceutical Content solution helps resolve numerous common business process issues that can negatively impact your business.

Manufacturers and
Other Data Providers

Clinicians, Retail Pharmacies
and Other Data Recipients

Business Issue Potential Impact to Your Business
Inaccurate, inconsistent, incomplete and out-of-date content
  • Increased chance of medication error impacting the safety and health of Canadian consumers and patients.
  • Negative impact on public perception of brand and lowering of public confidence in products.
Inefficient and repetitive manual processes
  • Lost time to coordinating product information and images with multiple trading partners.
  • Repetition in processes increasing the risk of error.
Trading partners sourcing information from third parties such as sector compendiums
  • Inability to quickly and easily update product content as data changes or oral solid appearance changes.
  • Lack of control over publication can lead to important information being omitted.
  • Information can become dated very quickly.
Inability to track product information over time
  • Difficulty knowing whether products are keeping up with changes to regulatory requirements.
  • Can risk confusion between different versions of the same product.

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